Timestamp Description Attribution Copyright Status
0:00 Pathway to Space Video Opener CU Campus Aerial Photo: Glenn Asakawa; Graphics: Peter Cullum; Song: Garrett Sayers Created by Pathway to Space
1:09 "Scene of an explosion in the film, The Matrix " Warner Brothers Copyrighted. Using under Fair Use.
1:46 - end "How to build match head rockets " Unknown Unknown
2:11 "Bottle rocket firework fun.mp4" Unknown Unknown
2:15 "Wallops sounding rocket launch" Brian Ferguson Unknown
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2:25 "Vanguard rocket failure" Unknown Unknown
2:29 "Space shuttle launch" NASA Public Domain
3:02 "An Ares V jettisons fairing and SRBs as it ascends to orbit" NASA/JPL Public Domain
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4:00 "Space shuttle launch" Unknown Unknown
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4:11 "An Atlas V rocket carries a US Navy communications satellite from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station into Earth orbit " Mike Deep Copyrighted. Using under Fair Use.
4:36 "RS-25 - The Space Shuttle Main Engine" Unknown Unknown
4:41 "A rocket exploded just after launch from NASA launchpad on Virginia's eastern shore bound for the International Space Station" NASA Public Domain
4:49 "Key areas of a rocket" ULA Copyrighted
5:09 "Video animation of the inner workings of a four stroke engine" Undetermined Unknown
5:16 "Animation of a pulsejet engine" Aleksej fon Grozni CC 3.0
5:34 "Shuttle main engine" Steve Jurvetson CC 2.0
5:38 "Schematic of a rocket engine" NASA Public Domain
6:33 "Fire tetrahedron" Derived from Gustavb by Cjp24 Public Domain
6:36 "Pumps inject fuel and oxidizer into a combustion chamber where they burn, producing hot, rapidly expanding gases" Unknown Unknown
6:50 "How to build a high powered rocket" WizzBang75 Unknown
7:34 "Landed rockets in a hanger" SpaceX Public Domain
8:12 "Montage of video and audio of shuttle launches created to convey the audio of a real launch" indiegun Open
8:18 "Four reusable solid rocket motor segments joined with the solid rocket booster assemblies to form the flight configuration SRBs" NASA Public Domain
8:56 "Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo ship fairing over payload" United Launch Alliance Public Domain
9:04 "Orion Spacecraft Fairing Separation Tests." NASA Public Domain
9:34 "Two solid rocket boosters that helped propel space shuttle Atlantis into orbit on July 8 launching from the Kennedy Space Center" NASA Public Domain
10:46 "In the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Kennedy Space Center floats the Ares I-X first stage following the launch of the flight test mission" NASA/United Space Alliance Public Domain
11:11 "Falcon 9 landing on a drone ship" Unknown Unknown
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12:14 "Comparison of NASA and private launch vehicles" NASA Public Domain
12:21 "Artist rendering of the planned configurations of NASA's Space Launch System" NASA Public Domain
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12:40 "The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with Dragon capsule attached on top at Space Launch Complex-40 at Cape Canaveral" NASA Public Domain
12:41 "Modifications to create the Atlas V Derivatives" NASA/Lockheed Martin Public Domain
12:49 "Delta IV launch" NASA Public Domain
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13:01 "Artist rendering of the planned configurations of NASA's Space Launch System" NASA Public Domain
15:22 "Illustrations of two launch window scenarios" United Launch Alliance Unknown