Timestamp Description Attribution Copyright Status
0:00 Pathway to Space Video Opener CU Campus Aerial Photo: Glenn Asakawa; Graphics: Peter Cullum; Song: Garrett Sayers Created by Pathway to Space
0:12-end "Primary Background: Artist's impression of a GPS-IIRM satellite in orbit"   Public Domain
0:20 "An old world map produced in Amsterdam in 1689"   Public Domain
0:21 "Wreckage of the American Star, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands" Wollex at the German language Wikipedia GNU Free Documentation License
0:24 "Image of the shoreline with a shipwreck in the distance near South Manitou Island on Lake Michigan" Owen Lyke Received Permission
0:35 "Person using sextant"   Public Domain
0:38 "Celestial navigation: observing lunar distance at sea"   GNU Free Documentation License
0:58 "South Manitou Island Lighthouse" National Park Service Unknown
1:03 "Nautical beacon near Port Vincent in South Australia"   CC 3.0
1:19 "GPS constellation" OneWeb/TNS Unknown
2:26 "Air-Traffic Controller 1st Class David Viger controls aircraft"   Public Domain
2:29 "Land surveyors use GPS for new construction"   CC 3.0
2:31 "Pokemon game screenshots"   Unknown
2:42 "A United States Army specialist explains GPS system, Afghanistan" Brian Henriksen, US Army Unknown
2:46 "Staff Sgt. Lucas R. Crumbacker makes adjustments to his defense advanced GPS receivers"   Public Domain
3:03 "Image depicting satellite (GPS) connection with air, sea and land uses"   Unknown
3:39 "Atomic clock"   Public Domain
4:13 "GPS educational poster"   Public Domain
4:22 "Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981"   Public Domain
4:22 "President Bill Clinton"   Public Domain
4:22 "President George W Bush"   Public Domain
4:22 "Official portrait of President Barack Obama"   Public Domain
4:38 "GPS operational systems" Corel Corp Unknown
4:58 "Satellite constellation animated" Paulsava CC 4.0
5:22 "Photo taken of Satellite Dishes in San Jose, CA" Brian Seeling Katt GNU Free Documentation License
6:11 "Radio transmitter station in Japan"   CC 1.0
6:14 "Satellite frequency bands" ESA Unknown
6:44 "An engineer working on a GPS IIR-M satellite" Lockheed Martin Unknown
6:52 "Navstar-2F satellite of the Global Positioning System (GPS)"   Public Domain
7:43 "PRN sample" Peter H. Dana Unknown
8:18 "Small geocache container and GPS device" J. Smith CC 3.0
9:08 "GPS receivers calculate distance as a function of the difference in time of broadcast and reception of a GPS signal" Adapted from Hurn, 1989 Unknown
10:55 "Vision for region-wide satellite connectivity"   Unknown
11:05 "Set of possible positions of a GPS receiver relative to two GPS satellites" Adapted from Hurn, 1993 Unknown
11:24 "GPS Spherical Location" Modified by Trex 2001 from Wikimedia CC 3.0
11:29 "Three satellite circles intersecting"   Unknown
12:04 "Demonstrates how GPS works using trilateration. Each satellite is at the center of a sphere and the intersection of all of the points is the position of the GPS receiver." tmjbeary CC0 1.0
13:04 "The European Data Relay System (EDRS) is a public-private partnership between ESA and Airbus Defence and Space. It uses advanced laser technology to relay information collected by lower orbiting satellites to the Earth via geostationary nodes." ESA Unknown
13:28 "New York City street"   CC0 1.0
13:29 "Cliff Mountain"   CC0 1.0
14:04 "Person holding Garmin GPS"   CC 2.0
14:35 "Screenshot from GoogleMaps"    
14:55 "The basic RNP (RNAV) specifications used in the U.S. shown in an illustration from the FAA" Instrument Flying Handbook (FAA H-8083-15B) Unknown
15:01 "Screenshot of aviation navigation game" Google Play - Fly is Fun Aviation Navigation Unknown
15:43 "The FAA's Satellite Navigation - Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS)" The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Unknown
16:15 "The Wide Area Augmentation System - the FAA's space-based augmentation System or (SBAS)"   Public Domain
16:54 "Smartphone with navigation map app" Santeri Viinamäki CC 4.0
18:05 "Latitude and longitude of the Earth" Djexplo CC 3.0
18:21 "Current design of Deutsche Bahn railway station clocks" S. Terfloth CC 2.5
18:25 "Positive Train Control, Metrolink 891, ARTIC, night" Xnatedawgx CC 4.0
18:46 "GPS receiver installation for ground sensing tectonic activity"   Public Domain
18:57 "Gorkha Earthquake" NASA; All original GPS data are from a network originally installed by Caltech under support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Public Domain
19:19 "Real-time GPS monitoring of structures in the Pacific Northwest" Central Washington University, Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array Unknown
19:37 "Small geocache container and GPS device" J.smith CC 3.0
20:12 "COSMIC microsatellites intercept radio waves from GPS satellites at Earth's horizon, where they measure the bend and delay of the signal" UCP/COSMIC Unknown
21:09 "Screenshot of Google Play Weather Map with hurricane tracks and future radar" Google Play Unknown
23:29 "A GPS spoofing attack attempts to “deceive” a GPS receiver by broadcasting counterfeit GPS signals, structured to resemble a set of normal GPS signals" Stanford Engineering GPS Lab Unknown
23:44 "Image representing crowdsourcing" Think etc. Unknown
24:19 "United States radio spectrum frequency allocations chart as of January 2016"   Public Domain