Timestamp Description Attribution Copyright Status
0:00 Pathway to Space Video Opener CU Campus Aerial Photo: Glenn Asakawa; Graphics: Peter Cullum; Song: Garrett Sayers Created by Pathway to Space
0:10-end ""Primary Background: Surface of Mars from MastCam pictures taken by the MSL/Curiosity rover on Mars"" NASA/JPL/MSSS; processings and mosaic: Olivier de Goursac, 2013. - Own work Public Domain
:47 "Aurora Over Alaska (NASA, International Space Station, 02/19/12)" NASA Public Domain
:48 "Image of the Venus captured by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Kimiya Yui from the International Space Station" NASA Public Domain
:49 "Gale crater on Mars" Unknown Unknown
2:49 "Benedict Cumberbatch during filming of BBC's Sherlock" Fat Les & RanZag CC 2.0
3:45 "Dog looking at food on a table." epSos.de CC 2.0
3:46 "Dingo licking its lips." TheGirlsNY CC 2.0
4:04 "Atmospheric spectra from Venus, Earth, and Mars" European Space Agency Copyrighted
4:30 "Electron shell diagram for Nitrogen, the 7th element on the periodic table of elements." Greg Robson CC 2.0
4:30 "Electron shell diagram for Argon, the 18th element on the periodic table of elements." Greg Robson CC 2.0
5:05 "Venus, Earth, and Mars images from ESA satellites." European Space Agency Copyrighted
6:16 "Electron shell diagram for Oxygen, the 8th element in the periodic table of elements." Greg Robson CC 2.0
6:45 "Prehistoric Earth." Christian Jegou/Publiphoto Diffusion/SPL Copyrighted
6:48 "Life in the Ediacaran sea" FunkMonk CC 2.0
6:50 "Various examples of sea anemones" Giacomo Merculiano Public Domain
6:54 "Mangrove of Rhizophoraceaes in Okinawa, Japan" Ken Funakoshi CC 2.0
7:23 "A side-by-side representation of what Mars looks like now and how it may have looked with water." NASA Kennedy Space Center Public Domain
7:52 "Comparison on atmospheres in the Solar system." Compound Interest CC 3.0
9:59 "Gravity and energy impact upon Earth and Venus atmosphere." Provided by David Brain  
10:21 "With all the atoms bouncing around we can see that most fall to the bottom due to gravity. An object placed here (e.g. the green box) will feel lots of collisions and so the pressure is higher here." Joshua Lim Copyrighted
10:59 "Video of MAVEN above Mars' surface." NASA Goddard (Howard Joe Witte and Sophia Roberts) Public Domain
11:42 "Comet Lovejoy as observed in 2014." John Vermette CC 4.0
12:08 "Volcanos and mist shroud the primitive Earth." Don Dixon Copyrighted
12:34 "Artist's rendition of Venus Express discovering hydroxyl around Venus." European Space Agency CC 3.0
12:39 "Schematic illustration of the proposed behavior of gravity waves in the vicinity of mountainous terrain on Venus." European Space Agency CC 3.0
13:27 "Eruption at Fimmvörðuháls at dusk." Boaworm CC 3.0
13:31 "Eruption of Russia's Sarychev volcano on June 12, 2009." NASA Public Domain
14:10 "Planetoid crashing into primordial Earth." Don Davis Public Domain
14:14 "Artist's rendition of Chicxuluc impact. " Don Davis Public Domain
14:44 "Solar wind (moving from left to right) hitting Mars' induced magnetic field (in blue)" NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio and the MAVEN Science Team Public Domain
15:44 "Fossilized raindrop impressions found in Nova Scotia." Rygel, M.C. CC 3.0
16:08 "Visible riverbeds in Osuga Valles on the Martian surface." European Space Agency CC 3.0
16:54 "Visualization of what Mars may have looked like billions of years ago compared to how it appears now. " NASA (Michael Lentz) Public Domain
17:13 "MAVEN is spending part of its time gazing at the stars, looking for subtle changes in their color as they dip through the limb of Mars and set below the horizon. Such stellar occultations reveal what the atmosphere is made of, and how its composition varies with altitude." NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Public Domain
18:13 "High above the thin Martian skies, NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft is carrying out a mission: determine how Mars lost its early atmosphere, and with it, its water." NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Public Domain
19:30 "Steaming pot of water. " Unknown CC 0.0
21:28 "This animation transitions from an early, wet Mars to present-day dry Mars" NASA/MAVEN/Lunar and Planetary Institute Public Domain
22:17 "Comparison of how the solar affects Mars and the Earth based on the size of their magnetic fields." NASA Goddard Public Domain
22:49 "Simulation of the solar wind at Mars compared with MAVEN observations, showing the predicted bow shock." NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio and the MAVEN Science Team Public Domain