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Dr. Michael D. English is a specialist in conflict analysis and resolution. He holds a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason, a MS in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University, and a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati. Prior to joining CU Boulder, Michael taught at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and as a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta’s Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies. He has also lived in Malta and worked as the program coordinator for the George Mason’s dual degree graduate program with the University of Malta in Mediterranean Security and Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

Michael is the author of The U.S. Institute of Peace: A Critical History, and the former editor of Unrest Magazine. His research explores the interaction between people and social structures that creates and maintains violence-generating systems, as well as opportunities for groups to develop more peaceful social orders. His other interests include political violence, terrorism, national security, social movements, critical pedagogy, peace history, and the role of the arts in promoting social change. He has also mentored numerous undergraduate and graduate students in the production of their research projects and is always willing to meet with students regarding their work. 

Selected Publications

English, Michael D., and Richard E. Rubenstein. “Positive Peace,” In Wiley Handbook of Conflict, edited by Solon Simmons and Sergei Samoilenko, Wiley (In Press) 2024.

English, Michael D. “Review of Francine McKenzie Rebuilding the Postwar Order: Peace, Security and the UN-System, 1941-1948,” H-Diplo, H-Net Reviews. (In Press) 2024.

English, Michael D., and Richard E. Rubenstein. “Systemic Violence,” In Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, & Conflict (Third Edition), edited by Lester Kurtz. Oxford: Academic Press, 2022.

English, Michael D. “The Triple Crisis: Reevaluating Socioeconomic Values in a Period of Social Reconstruction,” In Conflict Resolution After the Pandemic: Building Peace, Pursuing Justice, edited by Richard E. Rubenstein and Solon J. Simmons. Abingdon, UK: Routledge, 2021.

English, Michael D. The US Institute of Peace: A Critical History. Boulder, Colorado: First Forum Press, Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc, 2018.

English, Michael D., and Derek Sweetman. “Critical Conflict Resolution, Systemic Consciousness and Systemic Contractions.” Journal of Mediation & Applied Conflict Analysis 4, no. 1 (2017): 56–79.

English, Michael D., and Derek Sweetman. “Critical Conflict Resolution: Notes on Its Development and Key Concepts.” Unrest Magazine, October 2013.

Thesis and Dissertation Supervision at CU Boulder

Henry Stoner, "NGOs in Transition: Exploring Organizational Changes and Online Work Strategies Post-COVID-19." Honors Thesis, International Affairs Program, May 2024 (Chair).

Andrew Oldroyd Pace, "The Limits of Unlimited War: American Victory Doctrine from Unconditional Surrender to Peace with Honor, 1943-1973." Doctoral Dissertation, History Department, May 2023 (Committee member)

Kerouac Awbrey, "Justice for Comfort Women through a Restorative Lens." Honors Thesis, International Affairs Program, May 2023. (Chair)

Katherine Bennett, "The Conflict Psychology of Non-Cisgendered People." Honors Thesis, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, May 2023. (Chair)

Clara Butler, "Creating Sustainable Peace Through Youth Involvement: An Assessment of Best Practices in Peace Education Programs in Post-Civil War West Africa." Honors Thesis, International Affairs Program, May 2023. (Chair)

Nicolette Ohlsen, "The Political Participation “Gap”: An Exploration of Inuit Political Barriers, Views, and the Modes of Resistance." Honors Thesis, May 2022. (Chair)

Eliza Smith, "Language as a Facet of Identity: The Cases of Catalonia & Kurdistan." Honors Thesis, May 2022. (Committee member)

Jemil Abdu Kassahun, "Diaspora Views on Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia." Honors Thesis, May 2021. (Chair)

Olivia Brock Wittenberg, "Why Do Countries Not Ratify Human Rights Treaties? A Case Study of Commitment to CEDAW." Honors Thesis, May 2020. (Chair)

Current Advisees

Allie Lidsey - International Affairs Program, Honors Thesis