What is the Difference between Healthy, Unhealthy and Abusive Relationships? 

Healthy is...

  • having the ability to talk about feelings, being able to talk from personal experiences and empathize with a partner’s experience.
  • when people in a relationship are listened to and respected especially when there are differences.
  • when people can have disagreements in a relationship and still talk respectfully to each other.
  • when people are purposeful about intimate and they can be honest concerning their feelings about physical affection and sex.
  • when people trust each other and are comfortable spending time with other people they care about.

Unhealthy is...

  • feeling awkward about expressing feelings or emotions, which may come from a lack of opportunity to explore feelings or develop communication skills within the relationship.
  • when a person's feelings or needs are ignored and not respected.
  • when disagreements turn into fights more often than not.
  • when people feel embarrassed or are unwilling to say how they feel because their partner may not listen or care.
  • when a person feels jealous every time their partner talks to or spends time with other people they care about.

Abusive is...

  • the need to control others’ thoughts and feelings.
  • when a partner is actively disrespected, ignored, demeaned, and their ideas and feelings are treated with contempt.
  • when someone is afraid to disagree because they don't want to run the risk of their partner’s anger, abuse, and or violence.  If there is a disagreement, the typical response is belittling and or abusive.
  • when someone's needs and wants are ignored and they are pushed into situations that frighten and or degrade them.
  • when one partner is accused of flirting all the time and ordered not to talk to other people or kept away from others they care about.