I have the right to:

  1. trust my own experience.
  2. refuse to date anyone without explaining myself.
  3. be treated with respect.
  4. pay my own way on a date.
  5. not pay my own way on a date and still not be sexual.
  6. express my opinions, beliefs and preferences.
  7. have mutually consenting and good sex if I choose.
  8. change my mind.
  9. refuse to have sex.
  10. be respected as a person.
  11. disagree with my date.
  12. say no and be heard.
  13. be happy, sad, scared or angry.
  14. use my own transportation on a date.
  15. leave any dating situation my instincts tell me to.
  16. receive emotional support and understanding.
  17. have friends of my own.
  18. pursue my own interests.
  19. be loved.
  20. be cared about.
  21. experience intimacy.
  22. ask for help if I need it.
  23. not be abused, physically, emotionally and or sexually.
  24. have my needs considered as much as my partner's.