University Risk Management provides assistance and guidance in planning and preparing for university sponsored on- and off- campus activities.  

Child Protection Policy 
Programs for children must comply with state and federal law as well as the university's child protection policy.  

Permissions/Release Concerns 
Before you take photographs or videos of participants in your outreach activities, be sure to have participants sign a waiver. Most K-12 schools have photo permissions on file for their students and will be able to identify any students who should not be photographed. Check with the school in advance of any photography. Download an example of a photo permission form. 

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Guidelines 
Routine program evaluation does not require IRB approval if the information gathered is used to make improvements to a program or to otherwise specifically evaluate only the program under review. For example, parents and children who participate in an outreach program might be asked to complete a questionnaire about their experience participating in the program. 

Prior IRB approval is required for data that are designed to develop (i.e., form the basis for a future contribution), contribute to or result in generalizable knowledge, such as information that is universally or widely applicable and that might, for example, appear in a peer-reviewed publication, thesis, or dissertation. 

Not sure about your project? Visit the Human Research and IRB website for more information.  

Visit Campus Compact’s Risk Management in Community Engagement Knowledge Hub for key resources, best practices, and exemplars related to managing risk and promoting safety in community-engaged scholarship activities.