5 ways to address conflict at home

Jan. 20, 2021

Many of us have been spending significantly more time inside with the same people day in and day out. This can sometimes lead to increased stress, anxiety and conflict. Here are a few strategies you and your student can use to navigate disagreements and conflict at home. 1: Speak up...

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4 ways your student can get involved this spring

Jan. 15, 2021

Getting involved can look different for every student, depending on where they are in their academic journey. Getting involved helps new students meet friends and find a close-knit community, both on campus and virtually. If your student is in their third or fourth year, they may be looking to add...

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3 ways to support your student's goals

Jan. 5, 2021

Doing better in school, keeping in touch, feeling healthier—it’s New Year’s Resolution season! Psychology research has shown that the way to see progress towards these kinds of goals isn’t just about the effort we put in. It also comes down to the way we set up our goals and how...

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CUPD seeing an uptick in students reporting scams

Dec. 3, 2020

It is not uncommon for students to report to CUPD that they have lost money due to a scam. They prey on the student’s needs and try to exploit them. Most of the time, the criminals are located outside of the United States which makes tracking them down, returning the...

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Winter graduation information

Dec. 2, 2020

Are you the parent or family member of a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder? If so, congratulations on supporting your student to completion of their degree. It is a milestone to be celebrated! Winter grad information Be sure to check out the winter grad information available on...


Finding a job in uncertain times

Nov. 16, 2020

During these uncertain times, many students may be wondering if any organizations are hiring. While there have been changes in the workforce due to the impacts of COVID-19, many companies and industries are continuing to hire . Here are some tips and resources to help your student find a job...

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Tips to make the most out of tough conversations

Oct. 21, 2020

As our students begin to make their way home for an extended fall break, it’s important to remember that this is as much of an adjustment for them as it is for us. Spending time with family can be as stressful as it is enjoyable, especially in times like these...

navigating changes

How to help your student navigate changes

Oct. 19, 2020

This year has come with a lot of adjustments. Whether your student is navigating new guidelines, getting used to a new course schedule/format, a new residence off campus or a new job or internship, big changes can cause additional stress (even for things that are positive). It’s common to struggle...

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3 reasons for students to attend virtual events

Oct. 5, 2020

Finding community can take time, especially during a pandemic. Getting involved can make a large campus feel smaller by helping students find their niche and participate in fun activities. Here are three reasons for students to attend virtual events this semester. 1. Make new friends Attending virtual events is a...


4 tips to help your student stay motivated in their classes

Sept. 8, 2020

As your student continues to settle in and adjust to a new normal this fall semester, they may be finding some of their classes more challenging than expected. Here are some tips to share with your student to help them stay motivated and find help if they need it. Finding...