Your student's end-of-year checklist

April 14, 2021

Whether your student lives on or off campus, here’s a checklist to help them prepare for move-out and wrapping up the end of the year. Donate unwanted belongings As your student is packing up their belongings, they may find they have more than they need. Encourage your student to donate...


Ways to support your student and yourself through a traumatic experience

April 1, 2021

Traumatic events can impact people in different and unexpected ways . Reactions may happen to people who experienced the event firsthand, to those who have witnessed or heard about the event or to those who have been involved in some way. Whatever you may be going through, it’s important to...


10 ways to celebrate spring in Boulder safely

March 16, 2021

Even though Colorado was just covered with lots of snow, we have officially “sprung” our clocks ahead and spring is almost here! With the Spring Equinox starting on March 20, 2021, we know that warmer days are headed our way. With the additional daylight and the flowers starting to bloom...

part time jobs

3 skills students can develop at part-time jobs

March 15, 2021

Many students often work part-time jobs throughout college. While their part-time job may not be what they want to do forever, it could help them land their dream job later. Whether it’s working in food service, retail or on campus, part-time jobs can offer students a lot more than money...


How to socialize safely

March 2, 2021

Making friends in college can be harder than it looks, especially in the age of physical distancing and increased precautions. One way our students can make friends on campus this semester is to get involved and find people who have similar interests. After that, it’s all about following up, making...


7 ways students can gain professional experience

March 2, 2021

There are many ways to gain professional experience outside of a traditional internship or job. These experiences can add depth to your student’s resume and LinkedIn profile, and also give them great stories to share during interviews to demonstrate their strengths and skills. Here are some opportunities to share with...

living through change

Tips for living through change

March 2, 2021

This has been a year of transitions, and it can feel overwhelming when we experience a number of changes all at once. Here are a few tips to help your student live (and thrive) through change. Take stock of change While it may feel overwhelming, taking stock of the changes...

girl doing yoga

4 tips to help your student improve their mental health in 2021

Feb. 12, 2021

While 2020 was an incredibly difficult year for many of us, it also showed us how important it is to prioritize our mental health and take care of one another. Here are 4 tips and takeaways from the past year that your student can use to improve their mental health...

fall campus

Tips for spending time on campus

Feb. 1, 2021

Is your student planning to spend time on campus? Here are some reminders to share with them. Completing the Buff Pass check-in before coming to campus For each day your student intends to be on campus, they should remember to complete their Buff Pass —CU Boulder’s confidential and easy-to-use daily...


How your student can prepare for the Virtual Housing Expo

Feb. 1, 2021

Does your student know where they’re living next year? Attending the CU Virtual Housing Expo is a great way for your student to find housing, meet with landlords and have their questions answered. This will be especially helpful if it’s your student’s first time living off campus in the Boulder...