Getting a head start this summer

May 5, 2022

Now that finals are over, encourage your student to take some time to reflect on the past year. What were their highlights? What classes did they enjoy? Are they happy with their grades? Is there anything they wish they had done differently? Depending on the answers to these questions, there...


Marijuana: Things to know

April 21, 2022

Marijuana and its active components (such as THC and CBD) exist in many forms and strengths that can affect people differently. Whether your student is a frequent user or is interested in trying pot for the first time, here are some things all students should know about marijuana. Using intentionally...

students in a classroom

5 tips to help your student start out the semester strong

Aug. 16, 2021

Whether it’s catching up with friends or starting a new semester of classes, the start of a new academic year can be an exciting time. No matter where your student is in their academic journey, here are some tips to help them start out the semester strong. Explore campus and...

female friends walking in the woods

Self-care ideas to fit your student’s schedule

April 27, 2021

Encouraging your student to practice self-care can make a world of difference for their stress levels. Self-care is really a way to say "this is how I help myself feel better". It doesn’t have to be an investment of time or money (and definitely shouldn’t add more stress). Here’s our...

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3 ways to support your student's goals

Jan. 5, 2021

Doing better in school, keeping in touch, feeling healthier—it’s New Year’s Resolution season! Psychology research has shown that the way to see progress towards these kinds of goals isn’t just about the effort we put in. It also comes down to the way we set up our goals and how...


Job and internship search strategies to share with your student

June 17, 2020

Even though it may seem like no one is hiring in these uncertain times, there are still companies looking to fill open internships and jobs right now. While searching may feel challenging for your student, there are some strategies to make it easier. Here are some tips to help them in their search.

family weekend

Making the most of summer with your student

May 22, 2020

Whether your student plans to visit home for a short stay or an extended amount of time, the summer months can be a great time to reconnect. Whether your student came home earlier than expected this year due to COVID-19 or they are just returning home, you may find that...

Students studying at CU Boulder

Finals: Tips to support your student

April 9, 2020

Finals can be stressful for your student, no matter where they are at in their academic journey. Here are some ways in which you can support your student as they finish their semester. Let them vent Studying for tests, writing papers and completing projects at the end of the semester...

student studying

Sophomore slump

Feb. 25, 2020

Being a sophomore in college comes with its challenges. A student’s sophomore year is a crucial time in their academic life. It’s the time they need to make a decision on a major to stay on track to graduate, it’s when they should start thinking about building a solid resume...


Spring Stress Tips

Feb. 25, 2020

As our students get further into the semester, they might feel pressure from a number of directions: schoolwork, finances, relationships, work schedules and more. While it’s important to acknowledge these responsibilities, remind your student to look out for their own energy and well-being, too. Here’s how to help them move...