Published: April 7, 2022

studyingNo matter where your student is at in their academic journey, finals can be stressful. Here are some ways that you can support your student as they finish their semester.


Studying for tests, writing papers and completing projects at the end of the academic year can be a daunting task. Sometimes your student just needs someone to listen to them as they vent about their worries and frustrations. Respond with empathy and encourage them to stay optimistic. Remind them a break is just around the corner, and once they get through the next few weeks they can relax.

Help them plan a strategy

Your student may be feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, and you can offer to help them come up with a strategy to tackle their finals. Projects and studying can be made more manageable by breaking them down into smaller tasks. It can also help to block off study periods for each class on their calendar, and prioritize projects and exams based on deadlines.

Part of your student’s strategy can be finding the ideal study spot to get things done. They could study outside with the warmer spring weather, discover a new study spot on campus or take time to set up the perfect study environment wherever they are. 

Encourage them to take breaks

Some students want to sit down and get everything done at once or pull an all-nighter, but that can be more harmful than helpful in the end since sleep is so vital for memory. Encourage them to take short breaks during study sessions (5-minute break for every 25 minutes of studying) to give their brain a rest. They can stretch, watch a funny video or listen to some favorite songs.

Staying hydrated and eating regular, balanced meals and snacks are also important for maintaining energy and focus.

Share academic resources 

There’s still time for your student to ask for help if they are struggling with an assignment or subject. Encourage your student to reach out to their instructors or classmates with any questions. They can also take advantage of these free academic resources:

Additionally, New Student & Family Programs is here to support you and your student and can help connect you to the right resources on campus.