Published: Feb. 6, 2020
student studying

It’s hard to believe that midterms are already right around the corner. If your student hasn’t already expressed to you how they are feeling about midterms, be sure to ask! Let them know you are there to support them. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and resources for your student to get them through this time of the semester.

Time management tips

Having good time management skills can set your student up for success in the classroom. While it is a learned skill that takes practice, following these few tips can get them started.

  • Prepare – Gathering all materials needed to get something done can help your student stay efficient in their studies.  Instead of spending 20 minutes trying to locate a particular set of notes, having everything prepared before-hand can help make the most out of a study session.
  • Set time aside – Setting a timer could help your student stay focused on their task at hand. It’s important to eliminate distractions during this time and have a game-plan for what needs to be accomplished.
  • Work when most productive – All students have a different routine or times when they are most productive. If your student is a morning person, suggest that they get their most important work or studying done during this time. If they are more of a night owl, support their nighttime study sessions.

Academic resources

CU Boulder is full of academic resources if your student is struggling or if they are looking for some additional help in a particular subject area.

  • Academic Success Achievement Program (ASAP Tutoring) provides free tutoring for students living in the residence halls, Bear Creek and first-year commuter students including small-group and walk-in services that cover a wide variety of subjects.
  • The Writing Center offers students across all skill levels the chance to work one-on-one with professionally trained writing consultants. Consultations help writers at all stages in the writing process from planning through revision and address issues with grammar and style. If your student is in need of an extra pair of eyes on a midterm paper, the Writing Center is a great place to check out.
  • Office hours - Faculty office hours are a great opportunity for your student to get help with subject matter that may not be sticking. Faculty members make time during the week for students outside of the classroom to meet one-on-on with them.

Make an advising appointment

We also suggest that your student make an appointment with their advisor. Now is a good time to start planning for summer or even fall courses. Getting ahead can help your student envision their path and mentally prepare for what is to come.