Cinnamon Bidwell
Assistant Professor
Psychology and Neuroscience

Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Campus Box 345
Muenzinger D317B
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-345

Dr. Bidwell received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2010. She completed her Clinical Psychology residency at Duke University Medical Center and her post-doctoral fellowship at Brown University in the Center of Alcohol and Addiction Studies. She has since joined the faculty in the Institute of Cognitive Science and the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Dr. Bidwell's primary focus is investigating the effects of abused drugs and how these effects impact psychological and physical health acutely and chronically, building on her training in studies of drug dependence, neurobehavior, behavioral genetics, and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Her current research includes translational, observational, and human laboratory studies of the biobehavioral effects of drugs of abuse, including high potency marijuana and cannabinoids in psychiatric and medical populations, and the direct physiological and behavioral effects of cannabinoids as they pertain to both their abuse potential and potential therapeutic effects.  A complete list of her current and past work can be found here.


Selected Publications:

Bidwell, L.C., Ellingson, J., Karoly, H.C., YorkWilliams, S., Hitchcock, L.H., Tracy, B., Klawitter, J., Sempio, C., Bryan. A., & Hutchison, K.E. (2020). Associations of Naturalistic Administration of Cannabis Flower and Concentrates With Intoxication and Impairment. JAMA Psychiatry. Published online June 10, 2020. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2020.0927.


Bidwell, L.C., Karoly, H.C., Thayer, R.E., Claus, E.D., Bryan A.B., Weiland, B.J., YorkWilliams, S., & Hutchison, K.E. (2019). DRD2 Promoter Methylation and Measures of Alcohol Reward: Functional Activation of Reward Circuits and Clinical Severity. Addiction Biology, 24 (3), 539-548.


Bidwell, L.C., Mueller, R., YorkWilliams, S., Hagerty, S., Bryan, A.D., & Hutchison, K.E. (2018). A Novel Observational Method for Assessing Acute Responses to Cannabis: Preliminary Validation Using Legal Market Products. Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, 3(1), 35-44.


 Bidwell, L.C., Palmer, R.H.C., Brick, L., Madden, P.A.F., Heath, A.C., & Knopik, V.S. (2016). A propensity scoring approach to characterizing the effects of maternal smoking during pregnancy on offspring’s initial responses to cigarettes and alcohol. Behavior Genetics, 46(3), 416-430.