As of a few years ago, it is possible for undergraduates to major in neuroscience at CU Boulder. This major is overseen by faculty in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, though some students double major in disciplines like Biology or Integrative Physiology as well. To find out more about the major, visit the Psychology and Neuroscience advising website.


The Neuroscience Certificate encourages undergraduate students at the University of Colorado Boulder to take courses in basic science while providing a means to specialize in neurosciences. Since this area of the biological sciences is cross-disciplinary, interdepartmental course selection is possible and encouraged. Applicants must satisfy the requirements of: 1) the parent department of their major, 2) their college's core curriculum, and 3) the Neuroscience Certificate. They then receive an undergraduate degree in their parent department with certification in neuroscience. Award of the Certificate appears on your CU transcript.

Benefits of the Certificate

What do you gain by getting a certificate in neuroscience? Although the certificate is not equivalent to a major, it does demonstrate that you have completed an academic program beyond the major and one which demonstrates that you have interdisciplinary breadth in neuroscience. Given the requirements and standards set for the certificate, its award also demonstrates that you are among a select group of of highly motivated undergraduates at CU Boulder. You can and should cite this award on your résumé. 

Getting Started

If you are interested in applying for a Neuroscience Certificate, it is a simple process. Please fill out the online application form to declare your intent to complete the certificate. You are highly encouraged to declare your intent before you fulfill the requirements for the certificate.

For more information about the certificate: