Science Discovery, summer 2015

Erik with group of students

Erik explains how we use lab tools to study movement

Megan demonstrates the use of the VR to a group of students

Megan uses VR to demonstrate how threat affects movement

RMASB 2015 at Estes Park

Digging a path through the snow

playing in the snow

RMASB 2014 at Estes Park

the lab group in Estes Park makes a silly post

Halloween 2013

the lab group is dressed up for Halloween

Biomechanics Holiday Party 2011

group photo of the lab group at the Biomechanics Holiday Party 2011

silly poses at the holiday party

Lab 14er 2011

a grad student spreads his arms in a meadow

a grad student at the top of the mountain

Lab Photo Fall 2011

Our lab group on the lawn

our lab group poses as Charlie's Angels out on the lawn

Lab Photo Spring 2011

Our lab group on a field trip

our lab group poses as Charlie's Angels in our field trip

Canyonlands Half Marathon 2010

runner celebrates at the Canyonlands Half Marathon 2010

two participants in the Canyonlands Half Marathon 2010

Summer Party 2010

outdoor photo of our summer party

our summer party relaxes with snacks

the party moves indoors

Biomechanics Outing 2010

lab group gathered around restaurant table

two members of our lab group make a silly pose

Biomechanics Wii Party 2009

our lab group watch a Wii demonstration

Helen's Birthday 2009

Alaa, Helen and her son around her birthday cake

Helen posts with her birthday cake