Wounjhang Park
Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

ECEE 248

MSE Areas: Luminescent materials, metamaterials, nanostructures, surface plasmons, biophotonic materials, nonlinear optical materials and devices, materials for lighting and photovoltaic devices

My research is focused on developing novel nanomaterials and nanostructures for photonic applications.  I have three thrusts: metamaterials, photovoltaics and biomedical engineering.  In metamaterials research, I studied nanostructures that exhibit novel optical phenomena such as negative refraction and invisibility.  Also I develop scalable manufacturing technologies based on self-assembly of functional nanoparticles.  For photovoltacis, I investigate nanostructures that can enhance optical processes such as absorption, luminescence and energy transfer to enable next-generation photovoltaic devices.  In biomedical engineering, I develop complex nanomaterials that could be used to simultaneously detect, image and kill cancer cells.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

J. H. Lee, J. Blair, V. A. Tamma, Q. Wu, S. J. Rhee, C. J. Summers and W. Park, “Direct visualization of optical frequency invisibility cloak based on silicon nanorod array”, Optics Express 17, 12922-12928 (2009).

Y. Cui, V. A. Tamma, J.-B. Lee and W. Park, “Mechanically Tunable Negative Index Lens Based on Silicon Nanorod Array”, IEEE Photonics Journal 2, 1003-1012 (2010).

Y. Cui, J. Zhou, V. A. Tamma, and W. Park, “Mechanical Tuning and Symmetry Lowering of Fano Resonance in Plasmonic Nanostructure”, ACS Nano 6, 2385–2393 (2012).