Executive Team

Marie Banich, Ph.D. (Executive Director)
Nicole Speer, Ph.D. (Director of Operations)
Teryn Wilkes, RT(R)(MR) (Director of MRI Operations)

Scanning Teams

Teryn Wilkes, RT(R)(MR) (Director of MRI Operations): Manages Day-to-day operations directly related to the magnet, MRI safety, supervision of on-call technologists.

Keli, Keely, Pat, and Kenda (On-Call MRI Technologists): Provide support to all our study teams to facilitate our center’s ability to scan research participants seven days a week and evenings.


INC Research Assistants 

Abigail Adams (INC Research Assistant, Team Lead): Independently runs a variety of studies' scanning protocols, facilitates additional support for lab, study members, and interns. The Team Lead is direct management for interns, by training them on lab equipment, the active studies' protocols, and other program and professional development support.

Jia Moore and Gabby Kraemer (Research Assistants): Continually run and train on a variety of studies' scanning protocols, training other lab and team members scanning protocols, keeps consistent communication with studies, and other projects for intern program development.

Alexa Gonzalez-Munoz (INCtern): Continually run and train on a variety of studies' scanning protocols and other projects for intern program development.


Leadership Team

Marie Banich, Ph.D. (Executive Director)
Nicole Speer, Ph.D. (Director of Operations)
Rosie Kaiser, Ph.D. 
(ICS Affiliated Faculty, Assitant Professor, INC Executive Committee Member
McKell Carter, Ph.D (Assistant Professor, INC Executive Committee Member
Veronica Koral, B.A (Coordinator for Research Training and Education): INCtern Program Development and Supervision as well and INC Program Assistant. Works with more of the overall picture of the program and the professional development of each INCtern. As the INC Program assistant, duties include MRI and room scheduling, on-boarding new users, invoicing for scanning services, and serving as the main contact for Labs.


Data Analyst Team

Lena Sherbakov, B.S, M.S, Ph.D. (Data Scientist): Supporting users in data and analysis needs; setting up a rapport with Research Computing, managing data infrastructure, troubleshooting issues with our data storage (PetaLibrary) and data compute (Blanca), creating and running an algorithm to schedule MRI scans.

Amy Hegarty, B.S, M.S, Ph.D.  (Data Analyst): Supports data analytic needs for all INC clients including development, implementation, and testing of new neuroimaging analytic workflows. Additional responsibilities include the advancement of FAIR data principles for all INC-supported data analyses.

Denny Schaedig, B.A (Workflow Automation Engineer): Maintaining the building capacity, data quality reporting, data/pdf uploading, invoicing scripts, user & study on-boarding/tracking scripts. Ensuring tracking systems are accurately tracking INC users and reporting systems are conveying correct and pertinent information for INC staff. Updating scripts to properly work with Google Scripts’ current functionality or when requested to improve functionality. Routinely reading execution logs to spot bugs and ensure scripts work properly.