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INCtern Program - Next Round of Applications Open January 2022 

As an INCtern, your initial job duties will include:

Learning about equipment and neuroimaging research process (45%): observing scan sessions, learning how to use INC research equipment, working with INC staff and research teams to troubleshoot problems with equipment, developing a thorough understanding of INC facilities and processes

Learning about the science behind the studies (20%): attending talks, study discussions, reading neuroimaging articles

Professional skill development (20%): attending staff and supervision meetings, time management, teamwork, communication

Administrative tasks (15%): identifying areas for operational improvement and creating solutions that advance organizational goals

The pay for this position starts at $15/hour, with the expectation that you will work 10 hours each week and the potential for more hours during the summer months if you are available. 

Ideally, you will be a part of our program for the duration of your undergraduate study so that you can grow your skills as a researcher. Once you have mastered the basic skills of the INCternship, you will be given additional responsibilities such as: assisting with the IRB application process, running participants through research protocols, managing younger INCterns, and ultimately doing your own analyses on research data. 

If you stay with the program for 2-3 years, you can expect to gain the skills you will need to excel in graduate school, or in a professional research assistant position after graduation. You can also expect your hours and pay to go up as you acquire more skills.


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