Viewing the images contained on your CD

The CD some participants receive after their scan contains a limited set of MRI images in DICOM format. The CD has a built-in viewing program that should run automatically when inserted in a Windows PC. If you use Mac, you will need to first download and install a free DICOM image viewer. We recommend OsiriX Lite, available here (please note that after you follow the link you must click "New User" and provide some basic info to receive the download link). OsiriX is in no way affiliated with INC and we cannot provide further assistance with their product. 

Mini-Tutorial for Participant Brain CD's

You can view a tutorial we created to supplement the CD on YouTube here. As stated in the Image Release Form you signed prior to obtaining your disk, the images you received following your scan at the INC were acquired for research purposes only. It is not possible to make accurate, medically relevant diagnoses from these images. Like a fingerprint, everyone’s brain is different and you should not expect your brain to look exactly the same as the brain used in this mini-tutorial. As with any other health-related concern you may have, you should contact your primary care physician if you have medical concerns about your brain.