What’s Included in our Analysis Support 

  • support with directory structure for analysis data
  • installation of new modules/software/environment both on Flywheel and HPC cluster
  • help with developing, setting up, and running the analysis pipeline
  • help with EV creation to be analysis-compatible
  • help with SLURM, queue submission
  • status checks on jobs (down nodes, failed jobs, etc) 
  • support with version controlled code repository
  • support with using CUmulus (hybrid cloud) for compute
  • support with generation of QC reports, final z stat maps, etc, in a zipped archive
  • presentations/tutorials to lab members

Here is a list of all the common neuroimaging analyses we conduct. Looking for something outside this list? Contact us!

analysis services summary table

What’s Included in NIH Compliance Platform, Flywheel!

  • support with creating a containerized Gear for the desired analysis pipeline and running the analysis through Flywheel
  • support submitting data and derived data to a data archive (eg NIMH data archive)
  • provenance tracking on all derived data (who ran what, when, on what data, with what versions, etc)
  • metadata and tagging on analysis data (eg: “failed fmriPrep reproducibility”)
  • training/support on running Gears/analysis through Flywheel
  • ability to use CUmulus (hybrid cloud for compute)
  • Flywheel ML platform