What's Included in Our Data Rates

  • support with data management (directory structures, permissions, etc)
  • support with data viewing (VNC servers/clients, samba mounts, etc)
  • data monitoring for problems/allocation limits before it becomes a problem
  • free archive storage on /pl/archive
  • upgrades (BeeGFS → ZFS) are managed for you
  • representation on PetaLibrary oversight/stakeholder committee
  • support with data curation (cleaning/deleting data/organizing data)

Included Starting ~Dec 2021

  • scanner data auto-QC (missing data detection, high motion detection , etc)
  • automatic conversion to BIDS format for all scanning sessions
  • provenance tracking on all data (scanning and derivative/analysis data)
  • data tagging/subsession creation without copying 
  • scanning data and experiment files (eprime/psychoPy) automatically associated with each other and stored in appropriate directories