McNeill is a community of diverse learners who are committed to academic excellence and community building. 


Program Requirements include:

  1. Meet with McNeill Coordinator once every semester
  2. Attend at least 3 McNeill Power Hours
  3. Attend the McNeill Welcome
  4. Attend the Challenge Course Retreat in the Fall (first-year students only)
  5. Attend the Take 2 Spring Retreat (first-year students only)
  6. Complete Educational Enrichment Opportunity (ex. internship) before your senior year


If you are in a college not listed above, you are encouraged to reach out to the CU LEAD program in your college, rather than apply to McNeill. Those programs will have resources and support specific to those colleges.
Not Interested ( I would look for a different program)Mildly InterestedVery Interested (Doesn't matter, I'd still want to join)
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