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The Engineering Leadership Program (ENLP) is an official pathway in the Leadership Studies Minor.

Our ENLP community engages in lifelong reflection on questions that arise within the purview of science, but which science alone cannot answer.  Now more than ever, engineers need to ask the kind of BIG QUESTIONS that help us see our work in different contexts and from multiple perspectives. Our unique approach to leadership in STEM combines history, philosophy, social science, and literature to build the kind of awareness, thinking, and communication skills that engineering leaders need in our technological world. 

Learn more about this Program here and contact Dr. Angela Thieman Dino <thiemana@colorado.edu> with questions. 



Completion of the ENLP Pathway with the Leadership Studies Minor requires students take 16 credits of coursework: 

  • 12 credit hours of ENLP courses


  • 9 credit hours of ENLP courses and 3 credit hours of an approved elective 


  • LEAD 4000 (4-credit course) 

To put it simply, a student who earns the Certificate in Engineering Leadership and also takes LEAD 4000 will have completed requirements for the Leadership Studies Minor. 

ENLP students who have enrolled in the Certificate in Engineering Leadership, and have already completed at least 6 credit hours of ENLP coursework, should email Dr. Thieman Dino <thiemana@colorado.edu> to arrange eligibility to enroll in LEAD 4000. 


Course Pathway

Here is the most typical pathway to fulfill the requirements of the Leadership Studies Minor:


Introductory Course

ENLP 2000: Leadership, Fame, and Failure (3 credits)

Leadership Foundations

ENLP 3100: Complex Leadership Challenges  (3 credits)


Leadership Application

ENLP 3000: Intelligent Leadership (3 credits)


Leadership in Context  

ENLP 4000: The Empire of Modern Science (3 credits)


LEAD 4000: Leadership in Context and Emerging Challenges: A Capstone  (4 credits)