Who can enroll in the Leadership Studies Minor?

The Leadership Studies Minor is a valuable academic program available to all undergraduates regardless of major or college.

Do you have to enroll in the Minor in your freshman year?

No. Students can enroll at any time during their academic career, understanding that there are 16 hours of coursework to complete the minor before they graduate.

Why should a student seek a Leadership Studies Minor?

Leadership is not reserved for the chosen few, but is rather a necessary component of every individual’s success. This success translates directly to business, government, non-profit institutions and the community and civic activities that make up our society. The expectations and demands when you enter the workforce are so much more than technical expertise in your chosen field. Businesses and organizations desire ethical and creative people that have the ability to innovate, execute and communicate effectively.

Can students enrolled in the Leadership RAP, PLC, ROTC or INVST get the Minor?

Yes. There is an integration plan with these existing programs. Students should talk directly with their advisors within their respective program to understand where they are at with completing the requirements of their program and the minor.

In which academic department does the Leadership Studies Minor reside?

The Leadership Studies Minor (LSM) originated through the Newton Leadership Chair in the Office of the Provost. As of Fall 2014, the LSM is now housed in the CU Boulder School of Education. The LSM is open to all students from across all disciplines. It is administered and supported by CU Engage, CU Boulder's Center for Community-Based Learning and Research.