The Leadership Studies Minor ePortfolio is a site that students create during their LEAD 4000 course, which allows them to reflect on their experiences in the minor and their leadership growth. 

ePortfolio provides a forum for leadership development as an ongoing process of goal setting and reflection, discovery, and conceptual understanding across classes and experiences in the minor. The LSM ePortfolio can is a multimodal, creative, and cumulative space where students are invited to engage critically and use different learning styles in ways that extend beyond any assignment or exam. Minor ePortfolios are platform agnostic, which means students can apply general guidelines to creatively showcase their abilities in content, narrative, design, visual appeal, and other elements that suit a unique leadership expression.

The benefits of the Leadership ePortfolio include:

  • Connections between academic coursework and experiences – "aha moments."

  • Documentation of learning within and beyond the classroom

  • Discoveries of how knowledge and skills can be applied in multiple contexts

  • Reflection on goals and learning over time

  • Synthesis of learning within the context of leadership knowledge and experiences

  • Provides a place to showcase activities and work completed

  • A flexible medium that can be customized for each individual

  • The portfolio is your place to exhibit and blend your academic education and experiences through a leadership lens


For any questions or concerns, please contact:

ePortfolio Handbook

Download the ePortfolio Handbook

ePortfolio Google Sites Template

Download the ePortfolio Google Sites Template

Students can use any website platform of their choice. This template can be copied and used to outline your portfolio if you would like to use google sites.