Introductory Course (3 credit hours)

Course Description

Becoming a Leader supports developing leaders’ development across a variety of relationships, roles, and settings to address the challenges of today and tomorrow. This course will begin preparing students to exercise leadership across a variety of interpersonal and organizational settings, with a focus on school-based or teacher-leadership.  

LEAD 1000 is designed to bolster self-awareness; practice community building and exercise self-leadership, and enhance abilities to speak and write clearly and convincingly. The course will address course learning outcomes through group discussions, case studies, readings or videos, a group-based dialogue project, and other engaging learning activities.  

By the end of the course, students will:  

  • Critically reflect on assumptions about leadership, personal values, social identities, and strengths/areas for growth 

  • Examine leadership theories and approaches to leadership from multiple social and epistemological perspectives 

  • Strengthen ability to work collaboratively by practicing inclusive group leadership and community building 

  • Recognize the role of moral courage and ethical implications of leadership in different contexts 

  • Articulate future leadership goals and opportunities to develop as a leader that align with one’s emerging leadership identity and philosophy