Completion of the Leadership Studies Minor requires students to take 9 credits of elective coursework across three categories:





Leadership in


Courses focused on:

  • Moral and ethical reasoning
  • Ability to critically evaluate behavior
  • Improved decision-making of life choices

Courses focused on:

  • Enhanced ability to function in a team
  • Building a team with diverse perspective
  • Leading a team effectively to accomplish a shared goal

Courses focused on:

  • Historical and situational analysis
  • Critical evaluation of historical and contemporary leaders
  • Ability to connect leadership behaviors to organizational outcomes

One elective from each category is required and of the three electives at least one course must be outside of a student's major.

Students are responsible for understanding any pre-requisites or conditions for chosen electives. 

Ideally electives are taken sophomore through junior years and completed before entering the Capstone course.

Approved Electives by Category

The following electives are approved as of April 2015. This Fall 2016, the Leadership Studies Minor staff and faculty are reviewing electives options and will be offering an updated list in time for Spring 2017 registration. 

If you would like to petition for a course not currently listed below, please complete the following form and email it to

Leadership Foundations Elective Courses

AIRR 3010 Air Force Leadership Studies I
COMM 2400 Discourse, Culture & Identities
COMM 2600 Organizational Communication
COMM 3410 Intercultural Communication
COMM 3420 Gender & Communication
COMM 3320 Persuasion in Society
ETHN 3201 Multicultural Leadership: Theories, Practices & Principles
FNCE 2820 Introduction to Personal Financial Planning
HONR 1810 Honors Diversity Seminar
INVS 2919 Renewing Democracy in Schools and Communities
INVS 4402 Nonviolent Social Movements
LDSP 2400 Power, Privilege & Oppression in Contemporary US Society
LDSP 2410 Dynamics of Privilege and Oppression in Leadership
MGMT 4040 Individual, Team and Organizational Development
MILR 2031 Methods of Leadership and Management
NAVR 4020 Leadership and Ethics
PHIL 2140 Environmental Justice
PHIL 2220 Philosophy & Law
PHIL 2270 Philosophy & Race
PHIL 2290 Philosophy & Women
PHIL 3140 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 3180 Critical Thinking Contemporary Topics
PHIL 3200 Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 3260 Philosophy & the International Order
PRLC 2820 Multi-level issues in Leadership
PSCI 2004 Survey of Western Political Thought
PSCI 4774 Free Speech - Dangerous Ideas
PSYC 2606 Social Psychology
PSYC 3456 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 3684 Developmental Psychology
SOCY 2011 Contemporary Social Issues & Human Values
SOCY 2021 Nonviolence & Ethics of Social Action
SOCY 2031 Social Problems
SOCY 2077 Environment & Society

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Leadership Application Elective Courses

AIRR 3020 Air Force Leadership Studies II
ANTH 2100 Frontiers of Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 4180 Anthropological Perspectives: Contemporary Issues
CESR 4000 Leadership Challenges: Exercises in Moral Courage
CESR 4005 Business Solutions for the Developing World
CESR 4828 Corporate Boards in Action
COMM 1300 Public Speaking
COMM 1600 Group Interaction
COMM 3320 Persuasion in Society
CVEN 5564 Water Profession: Leadership and Communication
CVEN 5834 Water Profession: Management and Utility Finance
CVEN 5834 Managing Water Utilities: Current Issues & Future Challenges
EMEN 4050 Leadership and Professional Skills
EMEN 4825 Entrepreneurial Business Plan Prep
ESBM 3700 Entrepreneurial Environments
ETHN 2536 Survey of Chicana/o History and Culture
ETHN 3015 Asian Pacific American Communities
ETHN 3026 Women of Color: Chicanas in US Society
ETHN 3201 Multicultural Leadership: Theories, Practices & Principles
GEOG 3682 Geography and International Development
GEOG 3742 Place, Power, and Contemporary Culture
INVS 3302 Facilitating Peaceful Community Change
INVS 3931 Community Leadership Internship I
INVS 3932 Community Leadership Internship II
LDSP 1571 Topics in Leadership
LDSP 2820 Multi-Level Issues in Leadership
LDSP 2910 Leadership Practicum 1
LDSP 2920 Leadership Practicum 2
LDSP 4932 Community Leadership in Action
MGMT 4010 Redefining the Employee-Employer Relationship
MGMT 4030 Managing Employee Reward Systems
MILR 3052 Military Operations & Training
NAVR 2020 Sea Power and Maritime Affairs
PRLC 1820 Community Issues in Leadership
PSCI 2106 Introduction to Public Policy Analysis
PSCI 3031 Political Parties and Interest Groups
PSYC 4136 Judgement & Decision Making
PSYC 4553 Women’s Mental Health

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Leadership in Context Elective Courses

AIRR 4010 National Security Affairs
ETHN 2232 Contemporary African American Social Movements
ETHN 3403 Indigenous Rights and Red Power Movement
ETHN 3671 People of Color and Social Movements
ETHN 4672 Seminar on the CIvil Rights and Black Power Movements
GEOG 2002 Geographies of Global Change
GEOG 4712 Political Geography
HIST 2100 Revolution in History
HIST 4021 Athens and Greek Democracy
HIST 4031 Alexander the Great and the Rise of Macedonia
HIST 4048 Latin American Revolutions
HIST 4083 Revolution and Nationalism in Modern Ireland
HIST 4116 United States Diplomatic History, 1865-1939
HIST 4126 United States Diplomatic History since 1940
HIST 4146 US Military History since 1898
HIST 4166 The War in Vietnam and Its Legacy
INVS 4931 Community Leadership in Action I
INVS 4932 Community Leadership in Action II
LDSP 3100 Multicultural Leadership: Theories, Principles & Practices
MILR 4072 Officer Leadership & Development
MILR 4082 Leadership in a Complex World
NAVR 3101 Evolution of Warfare
NAVR 4010 Leadership and Management
PRLC 3800 Global Inquiry in 21st Century Leadership
PRLC 3810 Global Issues in Leadership
PSCI 2004 Survey of Western Political Thought
PSCI 2012 Intro/Comparative Politics
PSCI 2106 Introduction to Public Policy Analysis
PSCI 2223 Introduction to International Relations
PSCI 3011 The American Presidency
PSCI 3031 Political Parties and Interest Groups
PSCI 3041 The American Congress
PSCI 3163 American Foreign Policy
PSCI 4012 Global Development
PSCI 4173 International Organization
PSCI 4183 International Law
PSCI 4774 Free Speech - Dangerous Ideas
PSYC 3511 History of Psychology

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