It's time to learn from the past and explore the future of leadership.

In compelling discussions, we dig deep into leadership topics within business, education, non-profits, the public sector, social justice and wherever we may find it.

The Center for Leadership exists to support multifaceted and interdisciplinary approaches to leadership development and growth. Leadership Frontiers highlights the many different ways that we understand and explore leadership. Specifically for the podcast, we showcase members of our center, our affiliates, our students, and our community partners and all of the wonderful work they are doing.

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Charles Gilford Headshot

007 | Charles S. Gilford III | It all comes back to people and relationships

May 11, 2021

In today’s podcast, we are going to talk about how to stand out above other’s when applying for your next job, the importance behind authentic relationship building, and the future of tech and innovation. Throughout our discussion, it is evident that at the very core of everything we do as...

Christy Orris Headshot

006 | Christy Orris | Inspiring the next generation of leaders

April 27, 2021

In speaking with Christy Orris, co-founder of Peak to Peak Leadership, we explore topics ranging from understanding leadership, to finding your core values no matter what age you are, slowing down, and switching gears from building to giving back. Specifically, we dive into the importance of providing meaningful and transformational...

Allie Reuter & Nick Kohler

005 | Allie Reuter & Nicholas Kohler | Mental health and young leaders

April 13, 2021

The topic of mental health on college campuses nationwide is one that continues to gain traction. There is a crisis surrounding our young people. In this episode, we speak with two CU seniors, Allie Reuter & Nick Kohler, who are actively working towards helping other students on campus who are...

Stefanie Johnson Headshot

004 | Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson | The intersection of leadership & diversity

March 30, 2021

Our conversation with Dr. Stefanie Johnson was packed with different aspects of inclusive leadership. Specifically, we talk about the impact of gender on leadership, mental health and wellness, and the impact of diversity on highly innovative teams. Listen to the Episode Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson is an author, professor, and...

Dr. Deb Palmer Headshot

003 | Dr. Deb Palmer & Alex McGrath | Language, leadership & BIPOC students

March 16, 2021

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Deb Palmer and second-year doctoral student, Alexandra Federico McGrath, about their research study about the leadership landscape for students of color at the University of Colorado Boulder. They will be taking a deep dive into a case study of one of the pathway...

Udall Professional Photo

002 | Senator Mark Udall | A world of opportunities

March 2, 2021

In talking with former US Senator Mark Udall, we explore his passions for the outdoors and creating change for the better through the many channels of leadership we all have in our lives. Listen to the Episode Colorado resident and native Westerner Mark Udall represented the people of Colorado in...


001 | Shilo Brooks | Civil discourse in turbulent times

Feb. 16, 2021

Our discussion with Dr. Shilo Brooks cover wide ranging topics like dogma, what it means to be a seeker of truth, social media censorship, cancel culture, deplatforming, leadership vs. management and leadership as a transdisciplinary field. Listen to the Episode Shilo Brooks is Faculty Director of the Engineering Leadership Program,...