Executive Leadership Program PromoAs a senior professional, your hard skills likely helped you get where you are—but how are your soft skills when it comes to leadership? With important competencies like emotional intelligence, ethics and diversity management, there are many facets of being a good leader that need to be trained up to be effective.

If you want to be a more impactful leader, invest in yourself and your organization by developing the right skills. In the Executive Leadership one-week immersive program from the Leeds School of Business and the Center for Leadership at CU Boulder, you can network with a cohort of other senior professionals and receive instruction from faculty on every aspect of leadership. With dialogue-driven conversations throughout the week, you will receive support and advice from faculty and peers to work on addressing your own leadership challenges in a constructive environment.

This program is in-person on the Boulder, Colorado campus, running May 13-17, 2024. With the early bird discount available through the end of February 2024, you can enroll in this amazing program for just $4,000. If you are ready to take your leadership journey, register now.

For any questions, please message the Leeds School of Business.