Films in Indigenous Languages 

Rember Yahuarcani is an Indigenous painter from the White Heron clan of the Uitoto Nation in Peru, who, like many Indigenous young adults, left his ancestral home to live in the capital. In a creative dry spell, he decides to go back and visit his parents, who are artists themselves. In a breathtaking landscape, let us sojourn to the Amazonian community of Pebas and hear what Yahuarcani is reminded of from his ancestors.  Director Núria Frigola Torrent

Music Concert/workshop: Celebrating the Indigenous Americas Quechua event will feature renowned Andean educator, ethnomusicologist, performing artist Dr. Candy Hurtado, who will lead an interactive workshop of Andean cultural traditions. Candy will demonstrate a variety of wind, string, and percussion instruments and teach traditional dance steps native to Andean and Quechua culture. She will also lead everyone to dance, to experience the feeling of community and connection, and deepen the knowledge learned during the week-long event. She will also invite participants to ask any questions related to Andean/Quechua culture, including music, dance, rituals, performance, and festivals.

Quechua Games Night: Quechua is an indigenous language of the Andean region of South America, including Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and parts of Colombia and Argentina.Quechua Game Night is an opportunity to learn words, practice through games, and build community. Bring your friends, classmates, and family.