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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  1. R. A. Street, T. Ng, S. E. Ready, G. L. Whiting.  Printing Techniques for Display Fabrication.  In Handbook of Visual Display Technology.  C. Janglin, W. Cranton, M. Fihn, Eds., Springer, 2015, pp 1289-1303. (link)
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US Patents

  1. 11,479,850 (2022) - Systems and Methods for Implementing Digital Vapor Phase Patterning using Variable Data Digital Lithographic Printing Techniques (link)
  2. 11,417,849 (2022) - Fabrication of Corrugated Gate Dielectric Structures using Atomic Layer Etching (link)
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  4. 10,903,173 (2021) - Pre-Conditioned Self-Destructing Substrate (link)
  5. 10,818,842 (2020) - Selective Surface Modification of OTFT Source/Drain Electrodes by Ink-Jetting F4TCNQ (link
  6. 10,740,577 (2020) - Passive Sensor Tag System (link)
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  47. 8,040,609 (2011) - Self-Adjusting Solar Light Transmission Apparatus (link)

Selected Media Coverage

  1. CU Boulder Innovators Awarded $1.25M in Collercialization Funding (2022): CU Boulder
  2. In the Air, on the Ground, and Everywhere in Between (2022): CU Engineering Magazine
  3. The Internet of Living Things (2021): CU Engineering Magazine
  4. Cheap Sensors for Smarter Farmers (2021): IEEE Spectrum
  5. Seed grant could lead to materials needed for unconventional computing revolution (2021): CU Boulder
  6. Biodegradable sensors aim to make farming more effecient (2020): June/July 2020 issue of New AG International
  7. CU researchers to explore 3D printing in reduced gravity with NASA grant (2020): CU Boulder
  8. Creating the Internet of Living Things (2019): CU Boulder
  9. ARPA-E Award for Agricultural Sensors (2019): Boulder Daily Camera, CU Boulder, Press release from US Senators Gardner and Bennet
  10. Transient electronic systems based on stress engineered glass (2015): IDG News Service, IEEE Spectrum, Engadget, Popular Mechanics, Gizmodo, LiveScience, and others.
  11. Printed hybrid electronic systems for space applications (2013): GigaOM
  12. Electrostatic microassembly for micro manufacturing (2013): New York Times