Mechanics of Soft Matter (2018 Fall)


Project Material from Last Year (Nonaffine Deformation)

For all groups

                     (i) Mechanics of Random Fiber Networks - a review

                     (ii) Project Titles and groups

Group 1 (Shouhong and Noah) - Semiflexible filaments and bending - 

                   Presentation Date: Dec 6, Thursday

                    Papers: (i) Bundled actin networks

Group 2 (Adam and Michael) - Percolation 

                   Presentation Date: Dec 11, Tuesday

                   Papers: (i) Percolation and related topics

Group 3 (Alize and Tania) - Mechanical sensing in bionetworks (spider webs)

                    Presentation Date: Dec 4, Tuesday

                    Papers: (i) Energy absorption in spider orb webs

Group 4 (Morgan and Christie) - Granular Materials

                    Presentation Date: Nov 27, Tuesday

                    Papers: (i) Mesoscale measure of nonaffine deformation in granular assemblies

Group 5 (Brittany and Karl) - Investigating the coordination number 

                    Presentation Date: Dec 13, Thursday

                    Papers: (i) Molecular theory of rubber elasticity

Group 6 (Randy and Kevin) - Nonaffine deformation in isotropic and anisotropic networks

                    Presentation Date: Nov 29, Thursday

                    Papers: (i) Effect of fiber orientation in random fiber networks