Sandeep Sharma

Principal Investigator • Assistant Professor

Graduate Student


Maeve Andersen

3rd Year Graduate Student
I am broadly interested in Mathematics, Physics, and Physical Chemistry. Currently I am working on a quantum optics collaboration, where I develop numerical methods to calculate the dynamics of non-trivial subnanometer light cavities coupled to matter.
Ginny Johnson

Ginny Johnson

3rd Year Graduate Student
Physical chemistry
My current research applies established methods to the rates of hydroxyl reactions in atmospheric conditions.
ankit mahajan photo

Ankit Mahajan

5th Year Graduate Student
Chemical Physics
I have been working on Green's function approaches based upon the heat bath algorithm, stochastic perturbation theory methods, and fixed node Green's function Monte Carlo.
Iliya Sabzevari photo

Iliya Sabzevari

5th Year Graduate Student
Chemical Physics
I am currently working on improving the optimization methods employed in our variational Monte Carlo algorithm.
Minyan Wang

Minyan Wang

4th Year Graduate Student
Materials Science
I’m currently working on extending the complex scaling method to our algorithm to study resonance states.
xubo wang photo

Xubo Wang

5th Year Graduate Student
Chemical Physics
My research focuses on improving the capability of handling four-component calculation of SHCI. I am currently working on interfacing Bagel and Dice.


Hussain Almajed

Undergraduate Researcher 2018

Adam Holmes

Postdoctoral Scholar 2016-2017

Tri Le

Graduate Student 2018-2020

Matt Mulligan

Graduate Student

Bastien Mussard

Postdoctoral Scholar 2017-2019

James Smith

Graduate Student 2016-2020
Ph.D Thesis: "Modern Multireference Electronic Structure Theory"

Chaoqun Zhang

Visiting Undergraduate Researcher 2018