This Chapter was created in 2019 after the Electric Field Assisted Sintering and other Phenomena conference held in Tomar - Portugal.

The objective is to generate interest in Field Assisted Processing and other and other phenomena, attract young scientists to the field, to create traction in this area and promote research collaboration.

Young scientists are very welcome to join and create ground breaking discoveries by giving innovative ideas to push the boundaries of the field; senior scientists are also very welcome to offer a more established understanding of the processes and to give solid wisdom in the field.

Site: Tomar Portugal

Dates: Mar 14-19, 2022

Electric Field Enhanced Processing of Advanced Materials III: Complexities and Opportunities



US: Viviana Avila (Chair) and Bola Yoon (viviana.avila@colorado.edubola.yoon@colorado.edu)

Brazil: Lilian Menezes (lilianmfisica@gmail.com)

Europe: Andre Prette (prette@gmail.com)



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