Si Shen

Si Shen now works for Amazon. He received a M.S. degree from the Computer Science Department at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2019. He had closely worked with Prof. Tomoko Matsuo in the upper atmospheric data assimilation. He also has a Ph.D. degree in Meteorology from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in China. 

Independent study:

Shen, S., 2019: An exploration of using graph-based SLAM for data assimilation problems, guided by T. Matsuo and S. Julier, University of Colorado Boulder.


Shen, S., J. Liu, B. Wang, 2014: An Extension of the Dimension-Reduced Projection 4DVar. Atmos. Oceanic Sci. Lett., 7(4), 324-329

Shen, S., J. Liu, B. Wang, 2015: Evaluation of the Historical Sampling Error for Global Models. Atmos. Oceanic Sci. Lett. 8(5), 250-256

Wang, H., Liu, Y., Zhao, T., Liu, Y., Xu, M., Shen, S., Jian, Y., Yang. H., and Feng, S., 2018: Continuous assimilation of lightning data usingtime-lagged ensembles for aconvection-allowing numerical weatherprediction model. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres,123