Spring 2023 - ASEN 3113 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

This course follows ASEN 2002 and covers the Second Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy, Power/Energy Cycles and Heat Transfer (conduction, convection, and radiation). The emphasis will be on understanding the basic physical principles associated with these topics and developing the student's ability to solve numerical problems associated with them. Experiments will be carried out to help the students gain experience with the systems representing these principles. The course will also cover briefly the kinetic theory of molecules, introducing students to the basic microphysics underlying thermodynamics and to several basic but very important statistical distributions that have found wide applications in scientific research.

Fall 2022 - ASEN 5519-001 Introduction to Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics

Introduces key elements of hypersonic vehicle design, including trajectories, surface heating, propulsion, and thermal protection systems. Provides the necessary background on fluid dynamics and boundary layers, so students from a variety of disciplines are welcome. Also covers thermochemical nonequilibrium, turbulence, and experimental facilities. Includes a mix of empirical techniques and computational analyses. Requires basic programming experience. This course is designed to be an accessible introduction to hypersonics, and there are therefore no course prerequisites.