LISA is the University of Colorado Boulder’s Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA). LISA is a statistical collaboration laboratory with a goal to increase the quantity and quality of statistics and data science applied to advance high-impact research at CU Boulder and expert decision making in the community.

LISA’s mission is to:

  1. Train statisticians and data scientists to become interdisciplinary collaborators
  2. Provide research infrastructure to enable and accelerate quantitative research around the campus community
  3. Engage with the community to improve statistical skills and literacy.

LISA trains statisticians and data scientists to communicate and collaborate with researchers to solve research problems and work with businesses and government agencies to make data-driven decisions. LISA statistical collaborators can help design experiments, studies, and surveys; collect, analyze, and plot data; run statistical software; interpret results; and develop strategies to communicate statistical concepts and results to non-statisticians.

LISA serves as research infrastructure by collaborating with researchers on campus on big and small projects that lead to a variety of outcomes such as co-authored publications, grant proposals, internal reports, preliminary data for future projects, theses and dissertations, etc. Submit a collaboration request to meet with a team of LISA collaborators (via Zoom for the Spring 2021 semester). Update (06/30/2021): We are accepting requests for new projects to begin in Fall 2021. Please submit your request once the new semester starts.

In the Spring we offered Zoom-in services (instead of Walk-in). LISA hosted a research service called "LISA Statistics and Data Science Zoom-in Hours" with the Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship (CRDDS) on Tuesdays 12-1PM and Thursdays 1-2PM when classes are in session (Jan 14 - Apr 29, 2021, excluding the Wellness Day on Mar 25). You may make request this service on Tuesdays (noon-1PM) and Thursdays (1-2PM) by filling out a short survey. Update (06/30/2021): We may continue participating in this service in Fall 2021.

Zoom-in to discuss your domain problem and get solutions to the statistical issues you are facing. Consults are open to all researchers – from undergrad to faculty and beyond. Note: LISA assists with research, not class projects or homework.

This Spring 2021, LISA taught the "Coding in R Workshop Series" in collaboration with CRDDS and Research Computing to improve statistics and data science skills and increase statistical literacy generally. Our series of seven short courses ran for 8 weeks from Feb 10 to March 31 from noon-2PM (no short course on Wellness Day Feb 17). Recordings for the short courses are linked from our Short Course page.

Review our policies and request a meeting with a LISA statistical collaborator.

LISA Posters of Sample Projects