All compound libraries have been reformatted for high-throughput screens in both 96- and 384-well plate format. All screening compounds are commercially available and can be individually re-ordered for post-screening validations and follow-up studies.

FDA-approved drug library (Prestwick Chemical)

This library contains 1,200 small molecules, all of which are marketed drugs. The active compounds were selected for their high chemical and pharmacological diversity as well as for their known bioavailability and safety in humans. This library comes in two different presentations, either in DMSO solution and therefore ready for screening, or in powder form. For additional information including the ideal use of the library, click here.

Kinase- or protease-targeted library (Biofocus)

This focused library of 2,100 compounds is designed to modulate biological targets while adhering to drug-like or lead-like criteria. This intelligent design results in higher quality compounds that lead to the faster generation of new clinical candidates. The SoftFocus and FieldFocus range of libraries include drug-like molecules targeted towards GPCR, ion channel, kinase and protease targets. For more information on these libraries, click here.

Drug-like diversity library (Maybridge HitFinder v11)

The HitFinderTM Collection comprises 14,400 premier compounds representing the drug-like diversity of the Maybridge Screening Collection, offering easy and rapid lead identification. All screening compounds fit Lipinski guidelines for for "Drug-likeness", and all have purity greater than 90%. Compounds have been selected to be non-reactive, ensuring fewer false positives and higher quality results. For additional information, visit the Maybridge website.

Drug-like diversity library (Chembridge)

These are a collection of 10,000 "universally" diverse, pre-designed drug-like small molecules. The compounds have been rationally selected based on 3D pharmacophore analysis to cover the broadest part of biologically relevant pharmacophore diversity space.

Drug-like diversity library (TimTec)

TimTec stock compounds (10,000) possess drug-like characteristics and undergo multistep filtration to be included in pre-designed libraries. LogP, Molecular weight, number of H-bond donors and acceptors as set forth in the Lipinski "Rule of Five" guide in determining strong hit and lead development characteristics.