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Influence of Inter-organizational Coordination on Lifecycle Design Decision making: A Comparative Case Study of Public-Private Partnership Highway Projects.

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Mechanisms to initiate knowledge sharing connections in communities of practice

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The Role of Social and Goverance Mechanism on the Process of Knowledge Seeking in Engineering Organizations

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Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Systems A Comparative Analysis of Post-Disaster Shelter Coordination, Stakeholder Participation, and Training

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Political Drivers, Including SDG Indicators, Directly Impact Sanitation Efforts on the Ground

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Embedding Systems Thinking into EWB Project Planning and Development: Assessing the Utility of a Group Model Building Approach

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Construction Capacity: How Construction Resource Availability Affects Post-Tornado Rebuilding of Residential Housing

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Multi-Method Approach to Identifying Community Priorities For Sanitation Systems

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Community Knowledge-Seeking During Uncertainty: Induced Seismicity and Hydraulic Fracturing

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Impact and Analysis of Training Programs Focused on Shelter Reconstruction for Post-Disaster Communities

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