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Relationships Among Language Proficiency, Communication Patterns, and Safety Performance in Small Work Crews in the United States

Alsamadani, R., Hallowell, M., Javernick-Will, A., and Cabello, J. (2012). Engineering Project Organization Conference. Rheden, The Netherlands. Best Paper Award

Near and Far”; The Mechanics and Dynamics of Boundary Spanning Knowledge Sharing Connections in Engineering and Construction Organizations

Wanberg, J., Javernick-Will, A., Chinowsky, P., and Taylor, J. (2012). Engineering Project Organization Conference, Rheden, Netherlands.

Measuring and Modeling Safety Communication in Small Work Crews in the US using Social Network Analysis

Alsamadani, R., Hallowell, M., and Javernick-Will, A. (2013). Construction Management and Economics. 31 (6), 568-579. doi: 10.1080/01446193.2012.685486

Collaborative Research: Gender Diversity, Identity, and EWB-USA

Javernick-Will, A., Kaminsky, J., Leslie, C., and Litchfield, K. (2012). American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition. San Antonio, TX.

Encouraging Knowledge Sharing in Engineering Firms, Part (II): Game Theory Analysis and Firm Strategies

Levitt, R., Wang, C., Ho, P., and Javernick-Will, A. (2013). Engineering Project Organization Journal. 3 (1), 22-31. doi: 10.1080/21573727.2012.683413

Knowledge Transfer Methods between Generations in Construction and Engineering Companies

Sanaei, M. (2012). Thesis, University of Colorado Boulder.

Applying Probabilistic Risk Analysis in Design and Construction

Senesi, C. (2012). Thesis, University of Colorado Boulder.

Use and Mis-use of Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Jordan, E., Gross, M., Javernick-Will, A., and Garvin, M. (2011). Construction Management and Economics. 29 (11), 159-1173. doi: 10.1080/01446193.2011.640339

Knowledge-Sharing Connections Across Geographical Boundaries in Global Intra-firm Networks

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Pathways to Community Recovery and Resiliency

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