Megan Ellery
PhD Student
Civil Systems

Megan is a first year PhD student in Civil Systems Engineering. She graduated with her Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State in 2021. Her passion tackling global development problems finds its roots in her involvement with the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship Program through which she worked to make a global impact through delivering products and services that transform the ways people think and do. Specifically, she collaborated with a multidisciplinary student team and community leaders in Kisumu, Kenya to address systems challenges in the agricultural supply chain.

A problem solver at heart, Megan loves to innovate, create, and bring together teams of thinkers to develop solutions to problems that really matter. Her studies as a graduate student are fueled by her belief that lives can be transformed when problems are approached from a systems perspective by teams of diverse thinkers. Her passions include community resilience, infrastructure as a basis for change, engineering education, and women in STEM.


  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, Penn State, 2021