Portrait of Jessica Kaminsky
PhD Graduate
Civil Systems • Engineering for Developing Communities

Jessica is currently an Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Washington. A scholar of engineering projects and organizations, she conducts research on infrastructure for developing communities with a particular interest in topics of social sustainability. While Jessica is particularly interested in the global south, she is also interested in any context that is experiencing significant change in basic civil infrastructure (or, is developing). The practical goal of her research is to make basic civil infrastructure better serve all the world’s people by enabling increased human capabilities. Prior to entering academia, Jessica spent 6 years working internationally for one of the world’s largest engineering firms. Other than her work, she enjoys spending time with my family, playing the banjo, and bad science fiction.


  • PhD in Civil Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, 2013

  • BS in Civil Engineering, Rice University, 2004

Awards (at CU Boulder)

  • "Outstanding PhD Student" at Engineering Project Organization Conference, 2013

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowship, 2011

  • CH2M Hill Engineers Without Borders-USA Scholarship, 2011

  • Mortenson Center for Engineering for Developing Communities Graduate Research Assistantship, 2011

  • College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean’s Graduate Assistantship, 2010

  • Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Doctoral Assistantship for Excellence Award, 2010

Please note that the publications listed below were completed during tenure at the University of Colorado Boulder and do not include recent publications.