Published: Oct. 25, 2018

CU Boulder's Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering (CEAE) department received an award from the Department of Education to host a new fellowship program, sponsored by the Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need (GAANN).

Our project is entitled "Integrative Reengineering of Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s Communities". This project aims to increase the number of graduate students and, eventually, researchers and teachers, who have the multidisciplinary skills to address (i) the country’s deteriorating infrastructure and (ii) the need for upgraded and new transport, water/sanitation, building, and power infrastructure.

We have assembled a team of faculty [Liel, Javernick-Will, Corotis, Dashti, Cook, Torres-Machi, Kasprzyk, Baker, Srubar, and Wham] that will build a community of teacher-scholar experts in infrastructure for tomorrow’s communities by recruiting a diverse group of 8 students. The Project Directors, who are majority women, have a track-record of commitment to diversity and inclusion, and will pursue applicants from diverse backgrounds. All Fellows will be collaboratively co-advised by at least two of the faculty associated with this proposal, ensuring students gain a multidisciplinary perspectives, and be expected to serve as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in at least two courses.

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