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The paper's purpose is to study whether small and medium construction enterprises (SMCEs), which routinely plan, monitor and control project scope, perform significantly better than SMCEs which have not developed project scope management (PSM) routines. A questionnaire-based survey was developed and distributed to SMCEs. Responses were analysed using regression analysis. The relation between routine PSM processes and project performance is statistically significant, that is, systematic use of PSM processes has been found to significantly and positively impact SMCEs' performance. This study suggests that managers of SMCEs should implement systematic PSM systems in their organisations to improve performance. This is one of the few papers focusing on PSM in SMCEs. Given the critical role of SMCEs in this industry, results are particularly relevant.

Corvello, V., Javernick-Will, A., and A. La Ratta. (2017). “Routine Project Scope Management in Small Construction Enterprises.” International Journal of Project Organization and Management. 9 (1), 18–30. doi: 10.1504/IJPOM.2017.083109