Digital Slavery Research Lab Logo
The Digital Slavery Research Lab (DSRL) focuses on developing, linking, layering, and archiving open-source data and multimedia related to the global phenomenon of slavery and human trafficking. In particular, this lab examines the historic Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and trans-Saharan slave trades. DSRL's mission is to train students to become interdisciplinary collaborators using historical research on the African Diaspora and digital humanities methods. Through the design of sustainable resources, we aim to enhance mutual understanding and stimulate intercultural dialogues. This interdisciplinary lab has aligned or partnered with various centers and labs at the University of Colorado Boulder, as well as the web-development company Walk With Web Inc

Rooted in traditional historical research, collaborators are faculty, students, and programmers from several departments, including History, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science; and industry leaders in digital humanities. Students are being trained in metadata development, digital archiving, historical GIS, spatial modeling, digital humanities tools, 3D environments, and web-based visual interfaces. This digital lab features:

  • Support for scientific research and development of educational materials
  • Collection and preservation of written archives and oral traditions
  • Inventory and preservation of memorial sites and places
  • Promotion of living cultures and diverse contributions from the African diaspora

If you would like to learn more about participating in research efforts in the DSRL, please consider internships through the History Department at CU Boulder; or internships through the International Affairs Program.