Tecnai ST20 is a 200 kV TEM with a LaB6 electron gun. The microscope may also be used at lower accelerating voltages, down to 80 kV. It is equipped with an EDS system and software for performing tomography. Low background single tilt and double tilt holders are available.

Titan Themis

The Thermo Scientific Titan Themis S/TEM is one of the most advanced electron microscopy platform to date, capable of imaging and spectroscopy at the atomic level. Equipped with multiple cameras and detectors, the
Titan Themis provides simultaneous information about position and composition of atoms, and can be used to obtain nm-resolution 3D reconstructions and electromagnetic field maps.

The Titan is not an entry-level microscope and prerequisites for Titan training include completion of Tecnai 
TEM trainings and proficiency in using the Tecnai. A course focusing on transmission electron microscopy in materials science and engineering is under preparation to be given either in the coming fall or spring semester (please check back for updates).

Titan Themis Capabilities:

  • Operates in TEM and STEM mode
  • Accelerating voltages: 60, 80, 120, 200, and 300 kV, suitable for beam-sensitive samples Themis
  • Extreme field emission gun (X-FEG) with ultrahigh brightness
  • Monochromator, with ZLP FWHM <0.1 eV at all voltages
  • Cs DCOR probe correctors for sub-A resolution in STEM mode
  • Lorentz lens for imaging magnetic samples
  • TEM and STEM tomography
  • Super-X quad EDS detector for elemental analysis
  • 4K X 4K CMOS-based CETA camera for fast large area imaging
  • 4 on-axis ADF/BF detectors including 4 Quadrant ADF for differential phase contrast (DPC) imaging
  • High visibility low background double tilt holder
  • Single tilt tomography holder and reconstruction software

Titan Resolution:

  • TEM resolution: 0.1 nm
  • STEM resolution: 70 pm
  • Energy resolution: ~ 1 eV (monochromator off), 0.1 eV (monochromator on)

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