Lee Becker

Specialization / Interests: Natural Language Processing, Computational Semantics, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Dialogue Management, Question Generation, Educational Data Mining

Chih How Bong

Specialization / Interests : Text Classification, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Intelligence Tutoring Systems Current Position: Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University Malaysia Serawak

Daniel Cer

Current position : Postdoctoral Researcher Stanford University

Ying Chen

Current position : Associate Professor China Agricultural University

Jinho Choi

Specialization / Interests : Dependency Parsing, Semantic Role Labelling, Machine Translation Current Position: Assistant Professor Emory University

William Corvey

Specialization / Interests: Discourse Processing, Computer Mediated Communication

Sebastian De la Chica

Current position : Senior Applied Researcher, Bing Microsoft

Dimitriy Dligach

Specialization / Interests: Efficient Annotation Current Position Researcher Harvard Medical School, Childern's Hospital, Boston

Ahmad Faisal

Current Position Google

Maha Foster

Specialization / Interests: Language Acquisition

Jena Hwang

Specialization / Interests: Computational Linguistics / NLP Current Position Resarch Associate Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition Oracle

Kirill Kireyev

Current position : Founder, Instagrok

Praful Mangalath

Current position : Prismatic

Aous Mansouri

Specialization / Interests: Semitic linguistics, semantics, tense and aspect - specifically imperfective constructions, Arabic dialectology

Keith Maull

Specialization / Interests: Educational Informatics, Data Mining, Computational Models of Pedagogy in Digital Learning Contexts

Philip Ogren

Specialization / Interests: My dissertation focused on syntactic coordination resolution in the biomedical domain using machine learning and language modeling. I enjoy building open source solutions for natural language processing tasks and am a contributor to several open source projects including ClearTK and uimaFIT. Current Position : Oracle
Ifeyinwa Okoye

Ifeyinwa Okoye

Specialization / Interests: My research interest spans text analytics, natural language processing, adaptive and personalization technology, user modeling and educational technology such as intelligent tutoring systems.

Sameer Pradhan

Current position : Researcher Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital, Boston

Franco Salvetti

Current position : Principal Software Engineer, Bing Microsoft

William Styler

Specialization / Interests: Acoustic and articulatory phonetics, vowels and vowel perception, speaker normalization, speech perception, computerized speech measurement techniques, phonology, medical speech and terminology analysis, UMLS entity and relation annotation and automated medical-record analysis. Current Position : Postdoctoral Researcher University of Michigan

Arafat Sultan


Ashwini Vaidya

Specialization / Interests: Computational Linguistics & Corpus Linguistics Current Position : Postdoctoral fellowship IIT-Delhi

Sudha Verma

Specialization / Interests: NLP, Web/Social Media, Information Extraction for crisis events

Philipp Wetzler

Specialization / Interests: Natural Language Processing, Computational Semantics, Machine Learning, Document Quality, Digital Libraries Current Position : Google

Shumin Wu

Specialization / Interests: Machine Translation, Coreference Resolution, Semantic Role Labeling Current Position : Hitachi