Research Assistantship  Openings in Professor Dmitry Reznik Group Starting in the Summer or Fall of 2023:

Our group investigates quantum materials primarily using neutron, x-ray, and Raman scattering techniques. In these experiments incident radiation, such as neutrons, x-rays, visible, and ultraviolet light, scatters from single crystal samples to reveal information about the atomic structure, magnetic order, electronic spectra, and atomic vibrations. Neutron and x-ray scattering can probe both the atomic nuclei and electronic spins, while Raman scattering can provide complementary information about energy spectra. You will have the opportunity to work in a one of a kind Raman scattering lab with a time-resolution capability of 90fs, making it a powerful probe of materials relevant for quantum science. You will also be able to learn cutting edge neutron scattering techniques as well as advanced simulations and modeling. 

As a Quantum Materials Investigator, you will have the opportunity to do research in a world-class laboratory on campus as well as at the National Labs in the USA, Europe and Japan. Our research projects cover a wide range of materials, including high-temperature superconductors, materials with strong interaction between electrical and magnetic degrees of freedom, spin-orbit systems, as well as energy-relevant hybrid perovskites and thermoelectrics. We are also exploring new research directions, including studying the nonlinear response of materials to strong applied electric fields. 

Please contact Prof. Reznik for more information. Email: