The following are some representative publications in recent years by CEQM members (in alphabetical order). 

Gang Cao Group: 

  • Current-sensitive Hall effect in a chiral-orbital-current stateYu Zhang, Yifei Ni, Pedro Schlottmann, Rahul Nandkishore, Lance E. DeLong, and Gang Cao, Nature Communications; forthcoming 2024.                                                                                                                                         

  • Evidence for bootstrap percolation dynamics in a photoinduced phase transition, Tyler Carbin, Xinshu Zhang, Adrian B. Culver, Hengdi Zhao, Alfred Zong, Rishi Acharya, Cecilia J. Abbamonte, Rahul Roy, Gang Cao, and Anshul Kogar, Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 186902 (2023)

  • Control of chiral orbital currents in a colossal magnetoresistance material, Yu Zhang, Yifei Ni, Hengdi Zhao, Sami Hakani, Feng Ye, Lance DeLong, Itamar Kimchi and Gang Cao, Nature, October 12, 2022

  • Book: Physics of Spin-Orbit-Coupled Oxides, Gang Cao and Lance E. De Long, Oxford University Press; Oxford, 2021; ISBN 978-0-19-960202-5

  • Flexible lattice in Ca3Ru2O7: Control of the electrical transport via anisotropic magnetostriction, Hengdi Zhao, Hao Zheng, Jasminka Terzic, Wenhai Song, Yifei Ni, Yu Zhang, Pedro Schlottmann and Gang Cao, Phys. Rev. B  Letters 104, L121119 (2021)

  • Colossal magnetoresistance via avoiding fully polarized magnetization in ferrimagnetic insulator Mn3Si2Te6, Yifei Ni, Hengdi Zhao, Yu Zhang, Bing Hu, Itamar Kimchi and Gang Cao, Phys. Rev. B Letters 103, L161105 (2021)

  • Quest for quantum states via field-altering technology, Gang Cao, Hengdi Zhao, Bing Hu, Nicholas Pellatz, Dmitry Reznik, Pedro Schlottmann and Itamar Kimchinpj Quantum Materials 5, 83 (2020)

  • Quantum liquid from strange frustration in the trimer magnet Ba4Ir3O10, G. Cao, H. D. Zhao, H. Zheng, Y. F. Ni, Christopher. A. Pocs, Y. Zhang, Feng, Ye, Christina Hoffmann, Xiaoping Wang, Minhyea Lee, Michael Hermele and Itamar Kimchi, npj Quantum Materials 5, 26 (2020)

  • A Key Issues Review: The Challenge of Spin-Orbit-Tuned Ground States in Iridates: A Key Issues Review, Gang Cao and Pedro Schlottmann, Reports on Progress in Physics 81 042502 (2018)

  • Electrical control of structural and physical properties via spin-orbit interactions in Sr2IrO4, G. Cao, J. Terzic, H. D. Zhao, H. Zheng, L. E DeLong and Peter Riseborough, Phys. Rev. Lett. 120017201 (2018)

Longji Cui Group:

  • Tuning light emission crossovers in atomic-scale aluminum plasmonic tunnel junctions, Y. Zhu, L. Cui, M, Abbasi, D. Natelson, Nano Letters 22, 8068–8075 (2022).
  • Near-field radiative heat transfer modulated by nontrivial topological surface states, H. Wu, X. Liu, Y. Cai, L. Cui, Y. Huang, Materials Today Physics 27, 10825 (2022).
  • Thousand-fold Increase in Plasmonic Light Emission via Combined Electronic and Optical Excitations, L. Cui, Y. Zhu, P. Nordlander, M. Di Ventra, D. Natelson, Nano Letters 21(6), 2658–1665 (2021). 
  • Electrically driven hot carrier generation and above-threshold light emission in plasmonic tunnel junctions, L. Cui, Y. Zhu, M. Abbasi, A. Ahmadivand, B. Gerislioglu, P. Nordlander, D. Natelson, Nano Letters 20(8), 6067–6075 (2020). 
  • Active magneto-optical control of near-field radiative heat transfer between graphene sheets, H. Wu, Y. Huang, L. Cui, K. Zhu, Physical Review Applied 11(05), 054020 (2019).
  • Thermal conductance of single-molecule junctions, L. Cui, S. Hur, Z. A. Akbar, J. C. Klöckner, W. Jeong, F. Pauly, S.-Y. Jang, P. Reddy, E. Meyhofer, Nature 572, 628-633 (2019).
  • Peltier cooling in molecular junctions, L. Cui, R. Miao, K. Wang, D. Thompson, L. A. Zotti, J. C. Cuevas, E. Meyhofer, P. Reddy, Nature Nanotechnology 13, 122-127 (2018).
  • Quantized thermal transport in single atom junctions, L. Cui, W. Jeong, S. Hur, M. Matt, J. C. Klöckner, F. Pauly, P. Nielaba, J. C. Cuevas, E. Meyhofer, P. Reddy, Science 355, 1192 (2017).
  • Study of radiative heat transfer at Ångström and nanometer scale gaps, L. Cui, W. Jeong, V. Fernández-Hurtado, J. Feist, F. J. García-Vidal, J. C. Cuevas, E. Meyhofer, P. Reddy, Nature Communications 8, 14479 (2017).

Daniel Dessau Group:

  • Electronic structure and correlations in planar trilayer nickelate Pr4Ni3O8 Haoxiang Li, Peipei Hao, Junjie Zhang, Kyle Gordon, A. Garrison Linn, Xinglong Chen, Hong Zheng, Xiaoqing Zhou, J.F. Mitchell, D. S. Dessau, Science Advances (in press, 2022)  arXiv:2207.13633 
  • Universal Non-Polar Switching in Carbon-Doped Transition Metal Oxides (TMOs) and Post TMOs, C.A. Paz de Araujo, Jolanta Celinska, Chris R. McWilliams Lucian Shifren, Greg Yeric, X.M. Henry Huang, Saurabh Vinayak Suryavanshi, Glen Rosendale, Valeri Afanas'ev, Eduardo C. Marino, Dushyant Madhav Narayan, Daniel S Dessau, APL Materials 10, 040904 (2022) 
  • A Unified Form of Low-Energy Nodal Electronic Interactions in Hole Doped Cuprate Superconductors, T.J. Reber, J.A. Waugh, N.C. Plumb, S. Parham, Y. Cao, Z. Sun, Q. Wang, J.S. Wen, Z.J. Xu, G. Gu, Y. Yoshida, H. Eisaki, Y. Aiura, G.B. Arnold, D. S. Dessau,  Nature Communications 10, 5737 (2019)  
  • Spectroscopic evidence of low-energy gaps persisting up to 120 K in surface-doped p-terphenyl crystals, Haoxiang Li, Xiaoqing Zhou, Stephen Parham, Thomas Nummy, Justin Griffith, Kyle Gordon, Eric L. Chronister, Daniel. S. Dessau,  Phys. Rev. B 100, 064511 (2019)
  • Coherent organization of electronic correlations as a mechanism to enhance and stabilize high temperature cuprate superconductivity, Haoxiang Li, Xiaoqing Zhou, Stephen Parham, Theodore J. Reber, Helmuth Berger, Gerald Arnold, Daniel S. Desssau, Nature Communications 9, 26 (2018) 
  • Ultrafast Gap Dynamics and Electronic Interactions in a Photoexcited Cuprate Superconductor, S. Parham, H. Li, T.J. Nummy, J.A. Waugh, X.Q. Zhou, J. Griffith, J. Schneeloch, R.D. Zhong, G. D. Gu, and D.S. Dessau,  Physical Review X 7, 041013 (2017) 
  • Hallmarks of the Mott-Metal Crossover in the Hole Doped J=1/2 Mott insulator Sr2IrO4, Yue Cao, Qiang Wang, Justin A. Waugh, Theodore J. Reber, Haoxiang Li, Xiaoqing Zhou, Stephen Parham, Nicholas C. Plumb, Eli Rotenberg, Aaron Bostwick, Jonathan D. Denlinger, Tongfei Qi, Michael A. Hermele, Gang Cao, Daniel S. Dessau, Nature Communications 7,11367 (2016) 
  • Laser Based Angle-Resolved Photoemission, the Sudden Approximation, and Quasiparticle-Like Spectral Peaks in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8Jacob D. Koralek, John F. Douglas, Nicholas C. Plumb, Zhe Sun, Alexei Fedorov, Margaret Murnane, Henry Kapteyn, Stephen Cundiff, Yoshihiro Aiura, Kazu Oka, Hiroshi Eisaki, Daniel S. Dessau, Phys. Rev. Letters 96, 017005 (2006) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.96.01700

Minhyea Lee Group: 

  • Extracting quantum magnetic model parameters in a triangular rare-earth magnet: systematic characterization of crystal electric field effects from magnetic susceptibility and resonant torsion magnetometry, C. A. Pocs, P.E. Siegfried, J. Xie, A. S. Sefat, M. Hermele, B. Normand and Minhyea Lee, Phys.Rev. Research 3, 043202 (2021) 
  • Thermoelectric properties of the stripe-charge ordering phases in IrTe2, J. S. You, M. J. Eom, Minhyea Lee, Y. J. Jo, C. J. Won, S.-W Cheong, Kyoo Kim and Jun Sung Kim,Phys. Rev. B 103, 045102 (2021) 
  • Giant thermal magnetoconductivity in CrCl3 and a general model for spin-phonon scattering, C. A. Pocs, I. A. Leahy, H. Zheng, Gang, Cao, Eun-Sang Choi, S.-H. Do, Kwang-Young Choi, B. Normand and Minhyea Lee, Phys. Rev. Research 2, 013059 (2020). 
  • Spinon excitations in the quasi-1D S=1/2 Chain Cs4CuSb2Cl12, T. T. Tran, C. A. Pocs, Y. Zhang, M. J. Winiarski, J. Sun, Minhyea Lee and T. M. McQueen, Phys. Rev. B 101, 235107 (2020). 
  • Non-saturating large magnetoresistance in semimetals, I. A. Leahy, Yu-Ping Lin, P. E. Siegfried, A. C. Treglia, J. C. W. Song, R. M. Nandkishore and Minhyea Lee, , Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 11510570 (2018)

Markus Raschke Group:

  • Ultrafast infrared nano-imaging of cooperative carrier and vibrational dynamics, J. Nishida, S.C. Johnson, P.T.S. Chang, D.M. Wharton, S.A. Dönges, O. Khatib, and M.B. Raschke, Nature Commun. 13, 1083 (2022) 
  • Vibrational exciton nanoimaging of phases and domains in porphyrin nanocrystals, E. A. Muller, T. P. Gray, Z. Zhou, X. Cheng, O. Khatib, H. A. Bechtel, and M. B. Raschke, PNAS 117, 7030 (2020).   
  • Ultrafast coherent nonlinear nano-optics and nano-imaging of graphene, T. Jiang, V. Kravstov, M. Tokman, A. Belyanin, and M. B. Raschke, Nature Nanotechnology 14, 838 (2019). 
  • Tip-enhanced strong coupling spectroscopy and control of single quantum emitter, K-.D. Park, M. A. May, H. Leng, J. Wang, J. A. Kropp, T. Gougousi, M. Pelton, and M. B. Raschke, Science Advances eaav5921 (2019). 
  • Radiative control of dark excitons at room temperature by nano-optical antenna-tip Purcell effect, K.-D. Park, T. Jiang, G. Clark, X. Xu, and M. B. Raschke, Nature Nanotechnol.13, 59 (2018)

Dmitry Reznik Group: 

  • Electron-momentum dependence of electron-phonon coupling underlies dramatic phonon renormalization in YNi2B2C, Ph. Kurzhals, G. Kremer2, Th. Jaouen, C. W. Nicholson, R. Heid, P. Nagel, J.-P. Castellan, A. Ivanov, M. Muntwiler, M. Rumo, B. Salzmann, V. N. Strocov, D. Reznik, C. Monney, and F. Weber, Nature Communications13, 228 (2022).
  • Relaxation timescales and electron-phonon coupling in optically-pumped YBa2Cu3O6.9 revealed by time-resolved Raman scattering, N. Pellatz, S. Roy, J.W. Lee, J.L. Schad, H. Kandel, N. Arndt, C.-B. Eom, and D. Reznik, Phys. Rev. B Letters 104, L180505 (2021).
  • Effect of the electronic charge gap on LO bond-stretching phonons in undoped La2CuO4 calculated using LDA+U, T. C. Sterling and D. Reznik, Phys. Rev. B 104, 134311 (2021).
  • Reinvestigation of crystal symmetry and fluctuations in La2CuO4, A. Sapkota, T. C. Sterling, P. M. Lozano, Yangmu Li, Huibo Cao, V. O. Garlea, D. Reznik, Qiang Li, I. A. Zaliznyak, G. D. Gu, and J. M. Tranquada, Phys. Rev. B 104, 014304 (2021).
  • Lattice dynamics in the double-helix antiferromagnet FeP, A.S. Sukhanov, S.E. Nikitin, M.S. Pavlovskii, T.C. Sterling, N.D. Andryushin, A.S. Cameron, Y.V. Tymoshenko, H.C. Walker, I.V. Morozov, I.O. Chernyavskii, S. Aswartham, D. Reznik, D.S. Inosov, Physical Review Research 2, 043405 (2020).
  • Quest for quantum states via field-altering technology, G. Cao, H. Zhao, B. Hu, N. Pellatz, D. Reznik, P. Schlottmann, I. Kimchi, npj Quantum Materials 5, 1 (2020).
  • Phonon spectrum of underdoped HgBa2CuO4+δ  investigated by neutron scattering, I. Ahmadova, T.C. Sterling, A.C. Sokolik, D.L. Abernathy, M. Greven, D. Reznik, Phys. Rev. B 101, 184508 (2020).
  • Ultrafast magnetic dynamics in insulating YBa2Cu3O6+x revealed by time resolved two-magnon Raman Scattering, J.A. Yang, N. Pellatz, T. Wolf, D. Reznik, Nature Communications 11, 2548 (2020).
  • Nematic correlation length in iron-based superconductors probed by inelastic x-ray scattering, A. M. Merritt, F. Weber, J.-P. Castellan, Th. Wolf, D. Ishikawa, A. H. Said, A. Alatas, R. M. Fernandes, A. Q. R. Baron, and D. Reznik, Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 157001 (2020).
  • Low-energy phonons in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ and their possible interaction with electrons measured by inelastic neutron scattering, A. M. Merritt, J.-P. Castellan, T. Keller, S. R. Park, J. A. Fernandez-Baca, G. D. Gu, D. Reznik, Phys. Rev. B 100, 144502 (2019).
  • Unconventional Hund Metal in MnSi, X. Chen, I. Krivenko, M.B. Stone, A.I. Kolesnikov, T. Wolf, D. Reznik, K.S. Bedell, Nature communications 11, 83 (2019).
  • Nature and impact of stripe freezing in La1.67Sr0.33NiO4, A.M. Merritt, D. Reznik, V.O. Garlea, G.D. Gu, and J.M. Tranquada, Phys. Rev. B 100, 195122 (2019).