Principal Investigator

PhotoNameContact Information
Robert T. Batey Robert T. Batey
Professor of Biochemistry • Director of Biochemistry Graduate Program


PhotoNameContact Information
Picture of Marcus Urquijo Marcus Urquijo
Laboratory Technician | Effect of Variation within Essential Folding Elements of the Cobalamin Riboswitch

Graduate Research Associates

PhotoNameContact Information
Picture of Desmond Hamilton Desmond Hamilton
Picture of Zach Zachariah Holmes
Picture of Marcus Urquijo Roman Iwasaki
CRISPR-based applications with aptamers
Picture of Otto Kletzien Otto Kletzien
RNA Recognition by RGG/RG domains
Picture of Michal Michal Matyjasik
Small molecule ligand recognition by natural and synthetic aptamers

Undergraduate Research Associates

NameContact Information
Carly Peterson